Jason & Lisa McEwen

Must-Haves To Make On-The-Go Meals While RVing

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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Duration:   7  mins

One of the best features of RVing is that you can make your own meals. With a kitchen or an outdoor grill, you can plan and make meals all from the comfort of your RV. But if you’re like the McEwen family, your RV trips include a lot of excursions. Whether you head to the beach to collect sea shells or visit a local museum, you’re probably on the go. So, how do you plan meals around your events?

The McEwens suggest bringing these items to make on-the-go meals a bit easier:


You’ll probably bring several coolers with you, but consider bringing a soft-sided cooler that’s light and easy to take with you. This cooler could have shoulder straps or be a backpack, which makes it easier to carry. The McEwen family uses this kind of cooler to pack lunches for their day trips, or at the very least, snacks and drinks.

Reusable ice blocks

You can’t pack a lunch and drinks without ice, right? Some RVers travel with a compact ice machine. If you can make ice and fill a cooler, awesome, but if not reusable ice blocks work just fine. As you pack your big cooler full of food for the trip, toss a few reusable ice blocks into it so you don’t forget them.

Snack bags

For portable and disposable lunches, you need some sandwich bags on hand. You can actually leave these right in your camper, so they’re always there when you need them. It’s handy to have different sizes, too.

Reusable snack bags

To curb waste, the McEwens also use reusable snack bags. They’re handy, washable, and are great for things like fruit.

Slim containers that fit in the RV fridge

One of the problems many RVers have is limited space in their fridge and freezer. As a result, you need to minimize the size of the containers you use. The McEwens suggest smaller containers that have interlocking lids so you can snap them together in the fridge and keep lids together when they’re not in use.

Portable blanket

Have a picnic blanket on hand, something you can toss in the back of your car, and create a simple picnic atmosphere. You can also use the blanket on top of picnic tables that are a bit dirty.

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