Dave Solberg

Tire Inspection and Bearing Maintenance

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   5  mins

According to RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg, tires are the most important component on RVs but also often the most neglected. You can do yourself a big favor and avoid potential headaches if you add tire inspection to your pre-trip checklist. Before hitting the road every time, you should take a walk around your vehicle and get a close look at each of the tires.

What are you checking for? Well, first you’ll want to see if there’s any weather checking in the side walls – motorhome, trailer and RV tires are susceptible to drying out because they’re frequently exposed to the sun, especially if they sit idle for long periods. Dave actually recommends covering your tires if they’ll be sitting motionless for more than a day at a time outside.

Next, take a look at the top of the tires, examining their treads for uneven wear and any weather cracking inside the treads. You should also locate the DOT date code, which is a four digit number. The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the second are the year. Rule of thumb will vary on when to replace, but trailer manufacturers tend to recommend every 6-7 years. That may be more like a decade for motorhomes, a good thing because those can get much more pricey!

Beyond the tires, Dave also explains the best way to inspect and maintain the axles and bearings on your vehicle. Take his advice into consideration and give your rig a once-over before you hit the road, and your wheels will be guaranteed to do their part.

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