Dave Solberg

Inspecting Marker Lights

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   4  mins

During our pre-trip inspection of a Salem trailer, we noticed that one of its marker lights was not working properly. We know power is flowing because other lights are functional, so let’s figure out what the issue might be. In this quick video lesson, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to inspect marker lights to ensure they’re fully operational for the sake of road safety and legality.

Dave begins the inspection by popping off the faulty marker light’s lens. Is the bulb burnt out? Is the wiring malfunctioning? Well, in this case the bulb just happens to have a loose connection, probably something to do with the filaments caused by road vibration.

Now, let’s say it wasn’t an issue with the inside of the bulb. What if it were a wiring kink or a problem with the circuit? Dave discusses what that hangup might look like and talks about some solutions. These are generally quick fixes, but remember that they can be pretty important. DOT inspectors are always looking for these oversights out on the road, so better safe than sorry!

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