Dave Solberg

Inspecting a 7 Pin Trailer Plug

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   5  mins

Don’t set out towing your trailer without completing a proper inspection checklist! It’s a vital step, and it can be so important for peace of mind for you, your family, and the other drivers sharing the road with you. When getting ready to go, one of the crucial components in your safety check is making sure the lights and other electrical features are operational on the tow vehicle and the trailer.

This requires inspecting the 7-pin trailer plug to guarantee that all aspects are functioning properly. Each of the seven tabs corresponds to a specific electrical element, including the turn signals, backup lights, and electrical brakes. Rather than struggling with a voltmeter, which can be cumbersome, instead Dave recommends picking up a 7 pin trailer plug tester. Each light will be illuminated whenever the corresponding component is in use.

One additional thing to consider when utilizing a 7-pin is that there is no tarnishing on the outlet. If there is, you will likely notice some resistance whenever hooking up the trailer or using the electrical components. Dave likes to use an electric parts cleaner to clear away any rust or buildup from the tabs. If you do this any time you see gunk or corrosion, you’ll have no problem keeping a clean and secure hookup. Your electrics will work properly on the trailer, and those around you on the road will thank you for taking the time to conduct a thorough inspection!

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