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RV Show—Lippert

Dave Solberg
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Lippert Components Incorporated (LCI) was founded in 1956 by Larry Lippert and Don Baldwin as B&L Industries manufacturing galvanized mobile home roofing. The next year Don sold out to Larry, and in 1958 they bought Riverdale Steel Works and took on manufacturing mobile home chassis. B&L Ind officially became Lippert Components Inc (LCI) in 1969, and over the next 40+ years, they have since developed or acquired just about every assembly component in the RV industry including trailer chassis, furniture, slide-out mechanisms, and recently a host of aftermarket items such as outdoor furniture, entertainment accessories, appliances, and cargo/storage options.

I sat down with Craig Joachim, Director of Customer Experience, and we talked about the Lippert commitment to not only the customer service, but also getting a feel for what the RV public wants and needs to make their RV experience more enjoyable. It starts with the Lippert Scouts program that supports rallies and owner groups throughout the country with not only sales, service, and technical assistance, but fun activities at the events, too. Anyone can join the Scouts Program, no matter what RV you own, as it most likely has a Lippert product installed somewhere!

In our interview, Craig also discussed a couple new products that have been recently introduced. The first is an LP level gauge that is installed on the DOT Cylinder and provides the LP level on the LCI App on your phone. The second is a similar sensor that is placed in a refrigerator and provides a temperature reading to your LCI App so you can be informed if the refrigerator stopped cooling while you were away, possibly due to a circuit breaker tripping, low battery, or low LP.

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