Dave Solberg

Hitch and Ball Maintenance

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   5  mins

Not much maintenance is required for a hitch and ball tow unit, but there are a few things you should do to ensure a clean, solid connection. This simple process includes cleaning the components and keeping them well oiled.

Dave likes to use CRC Heavy Duty Silicone to lubricate the ball and reduce risk of rust buildup. To remove rust that’s built up on the hitch and/or ball because of salt from icy winter roads, in the past he has used Fluid Film Powerful Rust and Corrosion Protection.

However, that compound is rather oily and smelly, so Dave has now turned to a product called Corrosion X. It’s a corrosion prevention compound, but it will also strip any corrosion that’s already there. Ordinarily he would apply the product and let it sit for a while, but for the sake of demonstration, Dave wipes it off to see how quickly it takes effect.

As far as the hitch insert goes, if you’re noticing a bit of noise every time you slow to a stop, you can purchase a U bolt that clips on over the joint to give it a tighter fit and eliminate jiggling. This is especially helpful if you find yourself towing frequently.

The last thing you’ll want to inspect regularly if you use your hitch and ball towing mechanism often is the bar that connects to your tow vehicle’s chassis. That piece is welded on, and it’s prone to hairline fractures at the welds. You should be sure to check it often to make sure the structural integrity is still sound.

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