Dave Solberg

Pace’s TravlFi Journey1 LTE WiFi Hotspot: Internet Access Anywhere

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   3  mins

In this free video, managing editor of RV Repair Club, Dave Solberg, teaches you about an exciting new product called the TravlFi Journey1 LTE WiFi Hotspot. This fantastic and reliable device provides high-speed Internet anywhere you’re traveling.

Whether you’re crisscrossing the country or just going to one of your favorite parks, finding dependable high-speed Internet is frustrating. You might find yourself at campgrounds that have one router located in the office, and if you’re not within 100 feet you don’t get connectivity.

When it comes to hotspots and internet connectivity devices, Dave knows you have a lot of choices, and he’s tried a lot of them, from cell phone plans to satellite providers. They’re usually either too expensive or they come with too many hidden fees, or it’s a two-year contract or you get charged to disconnect and reconnect and it just gets too expensive.

What Dave likes about the TravlFi Journey1 WiFi Hotspot, which he’s used the past couple of months all over the country, is the connectivity at high speeds. He supposes Pace is able to provide reliable service because they’re not tied to a single carrier—they use the major providers all over the country to give you the best service in your area.

Dave also likes the flexibility of data plans and the ability to purchase data on a monthly basis and only when he needs it. You’re not tied to a lengthy contract, which is crucial if you’re only going to RV for a few months in the summer or traveling across the country and have WiFi. You can customize your plan based on your unique usage without penalties.

And look at this thing—it’s about the size of a coaster! It’ll fit anywhere in your RV, and it lasts a long time on a single charge. The TravlFi Journey1 WiFi Hotspot has up to 3000 mA hours (whatever that means). Dave says he’s used it extensively, and he’s gone over two full days without having to charge it.

No matter what your WiFi needs are, the TravlFi Journey1 is in his opinion the best option. If you have gamers in your group who require various data plans and high-speeds, the TravlFi Journey1 WiFi Hotspot works great. It’s also perfect for the TV streamers who need to watch the next best thing on Netflix or Hulu (it also) allows you to stream and use the RV antenna for local TV stations. And for the traditional old-school RVers who just want to check email and do some trip planning or weather checking, it’s the most economical way to stay connected.

When Dave goes camping, he doesn’t watch TV a lot. He’s not stuck inside; he’s out sightseeing and adventuring, but he still needs occasional internet access to do campground reservations, look up the weather, and find information on repairs and maintenance upgrades to fix my RV. Just like you’re doing now! So make it easy. Get connected wherever you go with this great WiFi hotspot. TravelFi Journey1: Customized for the way you RV.

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3 Responses to “Pace’s TravlFi Journey1 LTE WiFi Hotspot: Internet Access Anywhere”

  1. David Bell

    I have this exact hotspot and it's no good... I got it to connect to Verizon network twice which is fine and work's good with Verizon but now all it wants to pick up is at&t and T-Mobile both of which are horrible and you'll always end up with #3 strict nat type. There's no settings and no reset button... On top of all that it over heat's "no it wasn't in direct sun light or covered up nor was it plugged in" it will stay functional for about 10 minutes then shut off due to heat. I had to hang it in front of my ac vent just to keep it on which interfered with the signal... So all in all the travlfi journey 1 is a nightmare and a regret i now have...

  2. Dan

    Dave, I checked into this a few months ago and they told me that you have to pay the activation charge every time you either change plans or stop for a month then start up again. Can you confirm with them?

  3. Rose m hutchins

    What is the cost??

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