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Glacier National Park: Crown of the Continent

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Duration:   7  mins

It’s a sculpture garden of titanic proportion that could have only been carved by some mythical Michelangelo. Massive mountain ridges run along the Continental Divide, known by the indigenous Blackfeet people as the great “backbone of the world.” The first of its kind and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it makes up over half of the 1,700 square mile Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park between the US and Canada. It is Glacier National Park, and it must be seen to be believed.

The Land of Giants

Sprawling throughout roughly 1,500 square feet of Montana and stretching across the Canadian border into Alberta and British Columbia, Glacier National Park is one of North America’s most important and visually stunning spaces. This gargantuan park is a testament to the powers of Mother Nature, demonstrating with exceptional elegance the force and magnitude of her abilities.

Join us as we tour the “crown of the continent,” hiking the trails that climb from low-lying glacial lakes to the alpine tundras above the timber line, riding the only railroad in the United States to stop within a national park, and winding along one of the world’s most scenic pathways, Going-to-the-Sun Road. Learn the history of Glacier National Park and how the wonders of this region were discovered after remaining entirely untouched by man for millennia.

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