Lauren Grijalva

Taking Dish Network in RV: HDTV Wherever You Roam

Lauren Grijalva
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Thanks to Wally from Dish Outdoors you can have Dish Network in RV no matter where you travel, with high-definition TV always right at your fingertips. Lauren Grijalva, contributing editor at RV Repair Club, and her family spend all of their time traveling the country in their fifth wheel trailer and soaking up all this beautiful land has to offer. When they’re not experiencing something new outdoors, they’re often unwinding in their trailer with HDTV provided by their Tailgater Pro from Dish.

How Dish Network in RV Works

Dish Network in RV via Wally comes in a range of hardware varying in price, as well as 30-day packages that you can upgrade at any time. There are no long-term contracts or credit checks required. You can view different programs on multiple TVs by installing two receivers on the same satellite. So that means cartoons for your kids in their bedroom while you and your partner watch a movie in the living room!

Dish Outdoors offers nationwide coverage with no need for WiFi, making it perfect for far-wandering RVers who stay on the move. You can either permanently mount your Dish hardware to the roof or set it up anywhere in your campsite with a clear view of the southern sky. It’s easy to set up and requires no additional parts. Just turn it on and turn it up, with optional access to built-in apps such as Netflix and Pandora (these do require WiFi connectivity and an adapter).

If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to watch TV when you’re out in the farthest reaches and most remote national parks, do yourself a favor and get Dish Network in RV. It’s the ideal solution for those who like to separate themselves from the hustle and bustle but still want to tune in every now and then!

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4 Responses to “Taking Dish Network in RV: HDTV Wherever You Roam”

  1. Mike Lowe

    My king antennae is not working. I can’t seem to get any support from king. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get help repairing it?

  2. Susan Thrifty

    Why does my dish playmaker with Wally only work if hooked up directly to Wally but not to outside receptacle on 2016 keystone hideour

  3. Deborah

    Order Dish Tailgater- hooked up and activated - when hooked directly from tailgater to Wally great reception, when connected to the hookup on the side of Motorhome and comes thru MH to Wally, can’t get picture- why isn’t it working?

  4. John

    I purchased my 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB new in May, 2014. It had an "In Motion" satellite dish on the roof as "standard equipment". The RV dealer recommended Dish Network and, I did sign up with Dish Network. BEFORE signing up with Dish, the Dish rep told me I would get a basic channel package for ~ $35/month and, there would be NO charge for months I did not use Dish Network. About a month later, I got my first Dish Network bill. Instead of ~$35, the bill was for ~ $55! I called Dish and was now told that the ~$55 "is what we charge"! The Dish rep I spoke to also told me that they were going to charge me $5/month when I was NOT using it!. I cancelled Dish "service" on the spot. At the Hershey RV Show later that year, I was able to speak with Dish Network employees who lamely whined that there had been a "disconnect" between Dish Sales and Billing departments. NO offer to "make it right". Since then, I have been to numerous major RV events (Escapades, FMCA Conferences etc). Dish employees STOPPED attending RV events (I'm guessing it was too embarrassing for them after Dish Network screwed over so many customers). Independent reps did attend these events but, because they only resold Dish and Direct TV service, they could NOT undo the screwing over that Dish Network had perpetrated on so many customers. Dish Network should be ashamed of themselves. Apparently, Dish's business model is to use “Bait & Switch" sales tactics to screw over people. I have to wonder if a bean counter at Dish determined that "X" percentage of customers won't notice the Bait & Switch and, will just pay the inflated bills they receive. For customers like me who DO catch the Bait & Switch, screw 'em; a few will leave but, others will swallow the increase. Truly a sad way to run a “service” business.

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