Dave Solberg

Mapping Your Adventures with an RV Trip Planner

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   4  mins

Thanks to the rise of remarkably accurate GPS in the past decade, stopping for directions is pretty much a thing of the past. When you decide on your next destination for RV travel, you can use Google Maps and a handy RV trip planner to choreograph your route and discover what’s en route before you pack a single bag.

In this quick lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to use an RV trip planner to map out how you’ll reach your destination and where you’ll stop along the way. Planning websites such as RV Trip Wizard make it ridiculously easy to search for and save any type of stop you might consider. It shows gas stations, rest stops, restaurants, campgrounds, national parks, points of interest, and on and on. You can also export your route to your GPS and track your progress as you travel, even going so far as to monitor your spending on fuel, supplies, etc. Consider using an RV trip planner when you’re gearing up for your next adventure!

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