Lauren Grijalva

Dish Network for My RV: HDTV Wherever, Whenever

Lauren Grijalva
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Discover why RVers can’t stop saying, “I love Dish Network for my RV!” Explore the Dish TV line of options that allow you to travel with HDTV wherever you go. Lauren Grijalva and her family of full-time RVers have crossed the country many times over in their home on wheels, and they always have Dish Outdoors along for the ride.

In this video, Lauren walks you through the basics of Dish Outdoors, which is simple to purchase, activate, and use, and best of all, you don’t have to have Dish at home in order to get it on the road. However, if you do have Dish at home, it only costs $7/month to add an RV receiver to your lineup.

How to start: getting Dish Network for my RV

The first step in making your RV experience even better is to choose one of Dish’s compatible antennae. These HD and portable options include the Playmate, the Tailgater, and the Tailgater HD King series. Next, you’ll need to get a Dish Wally HD receiver. The receiver comes with complete instructions for installation. Lastly, call a Dish Network representative at 1-800-970-9021 to activate your TV.

And voila, you have service anywhere in the country–no WiFi or cell signal required. As Lauren says, “To get Dish Network for my RV, all I need is a clear view of the southern sky!”

The Perks of Dish Outdoors

Thanks to Dish Network’s flexible setup for all of their RV options, there are never contracts, and you can pay as you go. If you need it one month and not the next, just call to deactivate. If you get back out on the road, call to boot it back up! This method is great for seasonal campers who only hit the road for the summer and thus don’t want an annual contract. It’s also perfect for full-time campers whose schedule and location change often.

Additionally, you can make changes to your service and re/deactivate from the MyDish app. And should your family need it, you can upgrade to a DVR and record up to 100 hours of your favorite content, so entertainment is always there when you return from your expeditions. Quick, easy, and customizable!

Give Dish Outdoors a try, and see if it doesn’t take your RV experience to the next level!

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