Dave Solberg

Compression Fitting Options for Your RV Water Lines

Dave Solberg
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In the past, RV units were equipped with different types of connections to put the RV water lines together. These connectors include crimps, elbows, copper and similar fittings. Now new plastic compression fittings make it easier to pop the RV water lines together by simply sliding the pipe into the compression fitting until it hits the bottom.

New compression fittings come in a variety of sizes and configurations such as elbows, in-line shutoff valves, ½”, 3/8”, and even a reducer that connects ½” on one side and 3/8” on the other. This makes it possible to fit and connect old lines with newer RV water lines when updating and replacing various aspects of your unit’s water system. Compression fittings can be used to upgrade your current water line or to connect new additions, such as an outside shower or new faucets in the kitchen.

You can replace the entire water line system using the elbows, T’s, shut off valves and such, or just replace a small section such as the lines coming into a new faucet that may need ½” connectors with the older 3/8 water line. This should hold approximately 40 to 45 PSI and be a permanent addition to your RV water lines.

These compression fittings are residential grade and come in various forms, including elbow, T and with a handle to turn it on and off. This makes it easier to add accessories, an outside shower and a winterizing kit at a later date. You will find compression fittings for RV water lines at home improvement stores. Compression fittings come in different grade levels, made by different manufacturers and have various price points.

Compression fittings are easy to work with, making your re-plumbing job a breeze and a simple do-it-yourself project. You should be able to easily re-plumb your entire RV with ease using compression fittings. With the different options available you can decide if you want to fix, upgrade and/or add options to your RV.

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