Dave Solberg

RV Water Leak Repair: Stock Your RV Toolbox With Rescue Tape

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   3  mins

Every RV toolbox should have a roll or two of flexible silicone repair tape, a common RV brand is “Rescue Tape”. The best thing about this tape is that it does not stick to anything with an adhesive rather self fusing to itself when stretched. This is one of the most versatile items you can stock in your RV toolbox, because it can be used to wrap a leaky water line, fix a frayed electrical line and, in an emergency, substitute for a Band-Aid.

An effective use of silicone tape, Dave Solberg explains, is for RV water leak repair as the tape can hold an enormous amount of pressure from the water line. If there is a fitting that you cannot get to stop leaking, all you have to do is wrap the leaky section with the tape from your RV toolbox.

Keep the silicone tape in your RV toolbox, so you’ll have it handy when needed for these repairs. To use, cut a piece off the roll and remove the clear plastic backing material. If you wish to stop a leaking water line or connector, start wrapping the silicone tape about 4-5 inches before the leak and continue 4-5 inches past the leak. Keep pulling the silicone tape tightly as you wrap it around the fitting until the fitting is completely covered and the tape fuses itself together. This should keep the fitting from leaking.

A lot of hardware stores keep everything you will need for your RV toolbox and promote the use of silicone tape for plumbing and electrical work. This tape is recommended for use on P-traps in plumbing because it is hard to keep them from leaking, especially the plastic ones.

In an RV, silicone tape is a must-have in your RV toolbox because many of the pipes and fittings may come loose due to road vibrations and extreme temperature variations. Silicone tape is also good temporary repair for repairing hoses and pipes that have cracked from freezing. Make sure you replace the damaged or leaking component when you return from your trip.

Rescue tape boast an impressive resistance to water pressure, temperature, and even electricity. It resists fuels, oil, acid, solvents, salt water, road salt, and even UV rays. It can withstand water pressure up to 700 psi, temperatures up to 500 deg F, and insulates at 8,000 volts. The tape comes is a variety of colors and is definitely a must-have in your toolbox.

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