Dave Solberg

Watch TV Anywhere You Want With The Pace Wireless HDMI Extender Kit

Dave Solberg
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Gone are the days of tripping on extension cords and fiddling with obstructed external antennae. With the Wireless HDMI Extender Kit from Pace, you’ll never again have to fret over your outdoor TV setup or wonder whether you’ll get a good enough signal. In this quick video lesson, Dave Solberg demonstrates how Pace’s wireless extender simplifies the process of watching TV anywhere you want when you’re out on the road.

How the Pace Wireless HDMI Extender Kit works

Pace’s unique transmitter and receiver pairing system allows you to wirelessly send signals from one TV to another up to 240 feet away. This intuitive kit is quick and easy to set up and requires absolutely no maintenance. The wireless extender is great for putting a TV outside for a tailgate without having to run a long cable between your input and your output. Just plug in each end and enjoy!

Head to the company’s website to discover more about their HDMI extender and other products that will satisfy all of your RVing entertainment needs.

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