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Building a Collapsible Camp Kitchen for Your RV

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Duration:   4  mins

There’s nothing better after reaching your campground following a long drive than a good homemade outdoor meal. But cooking outdoors can be a bit disorderly, so it can help to have an all-in-one solution for cooking and storing your supplies. In this quick video lesson RV Lifestyle and Repair contributing editor George Vondriska shows you how to build a collapsible camp kitchen.

The camp kitchen George developed with CAD software for his camping trips uses simple wood cuts, some piano hinges, and a few shelves to maximize space in a compact design. He walks you step by step through the process of building this collapsible camp kitchen that’s ideal for all sorts of trips. Follow along as he builds this awesome little unfolding road kitchen!

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One Response to “Building a Collapsible Camp Kitchen for Your RV”


    Looks great, George! I'll use it as a model for an on-the-road kumiko work station.

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