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Ask the Expert: October 2022

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Dave went live to answer your questions during this Ask the Expert in October 2022! It’s getting closer to the winter months, so don’t miss out on our Master Guide to Winterization. Learn how to winterize your RV with free videos you can watch right here.

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5 Responses to “Ask the Expert: October 2022”

  1. Kristen Sheppard

    I can hear the gas pilot on my furnace outside just light up in the middle of the night when i don't have my heater turned on

  2. Roger Blouin

    Also propane tanks are full and turned on

  3. Roger Blouin

    Hello Dave. I have a 12 gallon Suburban hot water tank in my 2012 Redwood fifth wheel. When the thermostat calls for heat on propane the igniter sparks and the burner lights. The problem is that the ignitor keeps firing, and the system doesn't seem to recognize that it has already lit. After sparking a number of times the system shuts down as it doesn't seem to sense that it already lit. I have tried a new mother board as well as igniter and it calls for spark but won't light. Not sure what to look for now.

  4. Stewart

    2019 Jayco 40 RLST. Why does ac run when furnace is running? Dometic thermosat on Auto for fan. Thanks. s

  5. Michael Bednarik

    I have a 2014 Forest River Georgetown 34’, my steps normally extends and retract when the door is open and closed. Recently it stopped doing that until I turn the RV on and it extends out. Any suggestions as to what is causing it.

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