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RV Window Replacement and Resealing

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Duration:   20  mins

On many RV models, tip-out windows that utilize single- or double-pane systems can trap humidity when the seal breaks down and allows moisture to creep in. This is a relatively easy issue to fix, but it’s a two-man job that requires a bit of finesse and a few precautions. In this expert video lesson, RV maintenance experts Dave Solberg and Steve Albright demonstrate the process of RV window replacement and resealing for when one of your windows gets a little moisture problem.

Taking RV Window Replacement Step by Step

First things first, if you’re planning to complete this RV window replacement on your own, be sure to securely tape the exterior of the tip-out window to the sidewall. This will prevent the window from falling out when you’re releasing the screws on frame on the inside. If you’re working with a friend, have them press the window against the wall while you unscrew the frame.

Next, carefully remove the window to avoid cracking the glass. Most RV windows like this are made of tempered glass, so a well placed knock with a screwdriver or a jarring motion at one corner can shatter the glass.

With their window removed, Dave recommends using WD-40 to scrape off any scrap silicone or gunk leftover from the initial installation. This not only clears up the borders and makes for a nicer look, but it allows for a cleaner, better fit with the new silicone you’ll apply. New silicone is crucial, particularly on cheaper models that likely utilized an inexpensive product. Apply a consistent bead of all-purpose silicone along the bottom of the window opening and to all sides of the window.

Once silicone has been applied, go ahead and slide it back into the opening, making sure to line it up properly so as to avoid any cracks where moisture can rush right back in. Steve shows you how to retighten each of the screws, careful not to cause any damage to the frame. And voila! Your window now has a more secure seal, and you shouldn’t encounter any more fogging or moisture buildup. This RV window replacement process is good for removals, cleaning, reseals, and anything else you need to do to your windows.

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