Mary & Joshua Sherer

RV Water Filter Replacement: Tips and Tools

Mary & Joshua Sherer
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Duration:   6  mins

Campground water should always be filtered for safe consumption, especially in certain regions of the country. This can be done by onboard, whole-house filters or by an exterior filtration system, but regardless which option you choose, choose. Don’t skip this step! In this premium video lesson, RV Repair Club contributors Mary and Joshua Sherer walk you through RV water filter replacement, a quick process that’s vital for clean drinking water on your vehicle. Your whole-house filter should be replaced every camping season, or sooner if you notice a drop in water pressure or abnormal faucet flow (this is a sign that your filter is dirty or clogged).

How to complete RV water filter replacement

To do this simple job, all you’ll need is a towel, a bucket to catch water, and the wrench that comes with your whole-house filtration system (do not use a metal wrench, which can crack or otherwise damage the filter’s housing).

To begin, you should depressurize the system by turning off the water at the campground source and at the vehicle. Remove the filter housing with your provided wrench. Carefully pull off the housing as it will likely be filled with excess water. Dump that water into your bucket, and then inspect your system. Inspect the filter, O-ring, and housing for sediment/contaminants, and damage, and then lightly clean each of these. You shouldn’t have to scrub too hard.

Joshua shows how to remount the filter housing with an RV water filter replacement cartridge, making sure to gently coat the rings on both ends with silicone plumbing grease. This will ensure an easier screw and a more secure connection.

Lastly, Joshua explains how to get the water flowing again by reconnecting at the source and on your vehicle. If it doesn’t work correctly, try turning it off, screwing it up, and pressurizing again. And there you have it, clean water wherever you venture!

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