Dave Solberg

RV Toolbox Essentials: Handheld Socket Gauge

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   2  mins

The storage space available in an RV is considered premium. Because there is not a lot of storage space available in these units, it is important to keep the items in an RV toolbox down to a minimum. This requires only bringing tools with that are necessary to your RV travel. One of the most versatile tools you can include in your RV toolbox is the handheld socket gauge.

Including a handheld socket gauge in your RV toolbox will ensure you have just about every tool you will need in a nice, compact tool. The sockets included on a handheld socket gauge are designed to accommodate a variety of different sizes with one single tool. This tool will definitely save you space in your RV toolbox.

Keep in mind that the handheld socket gauge is not designed for industrial jobs, but it will still get basic jobs done. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep a traditional wrenches and sockets in the RV toolbox for bigger repairs and projects while on the road.

When you are faced with a bigger job and are unsure of what size wrench to use, the compact socket gauge can help you determine the right tool to use. The handheld socket gauge is designed in metric and SAE, which also makes this tool an easy way to find what size wrench may be needed without pulling every one out of the RV toolbox.

The handheld socket gauge also has attachments for a Phillips head and straight head screwdrivers. You will find this versatile tool at local auto centers, part stores and some home improvement stores. It is definitely a great tool to keep in your RV at all times.

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