Mary & Joshua Sherer

Sealing RV Exterior Components

Mary & Joshua Sherer
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Duration:   5  mins

For the health of your RV’s exterior components, it’s important to maintain all seals and ensure they’re watertight. Over time seams can crack and dry out, allowing water into your vehicle. Water damage in the form of mold and mildew is often a costly expense you want to avoid! In this quick video lesson, veteran RVers Mary and Josh Sherer walk you through the process of replacing old silicone sealant and properly sealing RV exterior components such as door handles and A/C vents.

Sealing RV Components Quickly and Safely

First, take inventory of a handful of basic and essential tools you’ll need to complete the job. You should use a plastic scraper to remove old seals, as a metal scraper can scratch and damage the RV wall. In addition, you’ll need the following:

  • – A screwdriver or drill to remove covers
  • – Safe cleaning solution and rubbing alcohol (if you’re unsure whether a solution is safe for sealing RV components on your particular model, contact the manufacturer)
  • – Clean rags
  • – Painter’s tape
  • – Latex gloves
  • – High-grade clear sealant (can also be recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer)

Once you have your tools at the ready, go ahead and use the plastic scraper to peel away the old sealant. Then remove the cover to better clean the surface with your safe solution and rubbing alcohol.

Next, replace the cover, and use painter’s tape to outline the cover and create a clean seal line. Run a solid bead of silicone around the cover, staying as even as possible, and then smooth the line with your gloved finger. Remove the tape quickly to ensure clean lines. And voila! You have a freshly sealed cover that’s air- and watertight.

This process is good for maintaining exterior components such as door handles, trim pieces, lighting mounts, vents, and more. Whenever you complete the next regular inspection of your RV’s exterior, take a look at all of these seals. If one looks to be crumbling and at risk of leaks, seal it up and get it secure!

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