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RV Show—Magne Shade

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Duration:   2  mins

Anthony Hunckler of Magne Shade describes the windshield and tire shade protect line they offer. The bread and butter of their line is the 90% windshield-blocking shade that is also a UV protection for the interior of the coach. This not only shades the inside but reduces visibility into the coach from the outside and allows a great view from the inside out.

The window shade is easy to install with the patented magnetic fastener and pocket installation points in the corner—no ladder required. They can be customized and are adjustable so you always get a nice and tight fit.

The newest product to the Magne Shade line is the awning drop, which attaches magnetically to the awning housing and is tethered to the ground, providing horizontal shade and sun-blocking capabilities. Also easy to install with the telescoping rod and pocket corners, the awning drop will also automatically release if the unit has a weather protection device that retracts the awning as well.

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