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Duration:   14  mins

Eric Johnson of TechnoRV describes the three major systems to protect in your RV: electrical, propane, and tires.

When plugging into a campground source, it is important to not only verify proper voltage and wiring, but also to have a surge-protection device such as the Southwire Surge Guard that monitors both high-voltage surges, but also low voltage that can damage critical components in your RV appliances.

Tires are the most vulnerable component on an RV and oftentimes the most neglected. Proper tire inflation as well as constant pressure monitoring every time you hit the road is paramount to reducing tire failure, which not only can be a tire blowout, but a sudden loss of pressure as well. A quality Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) such as TST Systems helps not only verify constant pressure but temperature as well.

Most tire failures are preceded by either low pressure or high temperature. A TPMS will help alert you to either condition and help reduce tire failures on the road. The TST Systems comes with either the low-profile sensor or the flow-through sensor and a booster for longer units such as fifth wheels or towed vehicles behind a motorhome.

The existing LP safety devices on your RV such as the excess flow valve will not shut off the flow 100% rather slow down the flow while Gas Stop will automatically shut the system down 100% for peace of mind RVing.

Whether you have a travel trailer with and DOT Cylinder or a motorized with an ASME Tank, Gas stop is easy to install and not only provides an emergency shut off feature but also can be used to test for minor leaks before taking off on a trip, check for pressure, and verify the level of propane.

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