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RV Show—Gas Stop

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Mike Ray of Gas Stop USA describes the only product on the market that provides a 100% shut-off of a major LP leak. Whether you have a travel trailer with a DOT Cylinder or a motorized with an ASME Tank, Gas Stop is easy to install and not only provides an emergency shut-off feature, but also can be used to test for minor leaks before taking off on a trip, check for pressure, and verify the level of propane.

The existing LP safety devices on your RV such as the excess flow valve will not shut off the flow 100%—rather, they slow down the flow, while Gas Stop will automatically shut the system down 100% for peace of mind when RVing.

When bringing your RV out of storage for the season, it is important to check the LP system for proper operation and potential leaks. The Gas Stop acts as a manometer to accurately test for constant pressure and verify the system has no leaks. This quick and easy test can also be performed every time you hit the road.

Gas Stop also has a high-quality pressure gauge that will help determine the level of LP in your tanks or cylinders to help prevent you from the surprise of running out of LP in the middle of the night.

Gas Stop has been independently tested in accordance of UL and ISO standards and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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