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RVLR Ask The Expert: December 2022

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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

Dave is live to answer all your RV questions! Watch and learn something new about your rig as he covers ventilation, black water tanks, and overhead fans.

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4 Responses to “RVLR Ask The Expert: December 2022”

  1. DAVID

    Question about awning function. I have a 39ft discovery 3 slides. The main awning and the door awning won't extend or retract under current power. I run two 3k watt growatt inverters in parallel, ten 365 wattsolar panels and eight 200ah lithium batteries set at 48v. I believe they put a step-down to 30amp. I've metered the power going to the awnings and it sits around 11.5 volts. My question is, Is that enough juice to run the awning motors or do I need to come up with some other power source and how. Thank you


    I have a 2019 fifth wheel trailer and the clear coat is coming off of the front side on the lower half. Can I repair that myself or do I need to take it to a body shop. The dealer I bought it from said they do not do that kind of work

  3. Harold J Jr

    I have a 2022 Grand Design Transcend. I installed the Tymate pressure monitoring system on my camper, and I really like it. My high-pressure alarm went off on one of my trips, I had my high-pressure alarm set to low (74 psi for a normal 65 psi). It was a fairly hot day. On one of your videos, it says to set your low pressure 10% less and 20% over. Using 65 psi low should be 59 psi and high 78 psi. Is this correct calculation and is it normal for tire pressure to increase that much. Tire temps wore OK. Side note : I do plan on weighting my camper before next trip and adjust tire pressures as needed. Thanks Skip

  4. Marge Parker

    My question is about my toilet. I have a foot petal to flush the toilet with. The flap that opens when we flush is always getting stuck open. Short of replacing the toilet what are some options to fix it?

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