Dave Solberg

Keeping Rain Off Your RV Windshield

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   6  mins

Keeping a clear view of the road during a rainstorm is a challenge many owners face. The biggest problem is the RV windshield wipers do not cover the entire window, making it difficult to see when heavy rains are coming down. There are many aftermarket products that can be used to help repel rain from the windshield, however, most of these are topical treatments and only last a month or so. Eventually these products start to get hues and haze on the outside edges of the windshield.

Clarity Defender Plus is a product made by Nanofilm and works with the molecules of the glass instead of being placed over the top of it. This ensures the product lasts longer and the company guarantees it will last at least one year. Some have even put this product on their cars and trucks to protect the windshields from snow and ice.

If you take a close, magnified look at your RV windshield you will see the glass has several sharp edges. This is what the rain sticks to. Clarity Defender Plus will smooth out all of those edges, reducing the amount of rain that sticks to the windshield. This product also helps prevent bugs from sticking to the windshield.

To apply, thoroughly clean the RV windshield removing all dirt, wax or any other aftermarket products. Crack the glass of the inside tube of the product’s applicator and swipe it back and forth over the entire windshield. Once broken, this will need to be completed within 30 minutes. After waiting a few minutes, clean off the glass using a pressure washer or buff the excess product off of the glass. The treatment should last about a year and a half before it needs to be treated again.

This product will help keep both the rain and the nasty bugs off of your RV windshield while traveling the open road.

RV window repair and maintenance can also help keep you safe on the road. Watch our video for more helpful tips!

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