Dave Solberg

Absorption Refrigeration in your RV and the Role Heat Plays

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   2  mins

This video takes a closer look at one of the most valuable, yet under-appreciated, parts of RVing: Having easy access to cold food and beverages through absorption refrigeration. One of the conveniences and money saving aspects of owning a recreational vehicle is that ability to stock up a refrigerator with store bought foods that can be kept cold while on the road. Your refrigerator also eliminates the need for restocking coolers full of ice and the back-breaking tasks of lugging them around. Refrigerators may be taken for granted but they are extremely valuable. Have you ever wondered how your refrigerator works? How, no matter how hot it is outside, your refrigerator keeps working to keep the things inside of it cold? Well, as “cool” as refrigerators may be, the refrigeration process in an absorption refrigerator is actually facilitated with heat.

In this informative video, you will learn the role hot fluid plays in the refrigeration process. It demonstrates how the heated fluid rises first through the freezer and then, using gravity alone, flows to cool the refrigeration compartment. It will help you understand why keeping enough airflow behind your absorption refrigerator is so important. You will also see why keeping your refrigerator level is critical in prolonging its life.

Refrigeration makes life easier at home and on the road. It keeps food fresh longer and our beverages more refreshing. Life would be so much more challenging without it. If you are looking to increase your knowledge about how your RV works and in particular, how refrigeration works, you won’t want to miss this video.

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