Dave Solberg

How to Add an RV Water Filter at the Campground Source

Dave Solberg
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Water supply systems at campgrounds need to go through proper testing and receive the same certifications as municipal water supplies do. This ensures the water is safe and free of contaminants. If concerned, you can go to the campground office and request to see an MSDS sheet before connecting to the campground’s water source. However, even if all tests have been complete and certifications are in place, the water at the campground may still have some lime and sediment, mostly because this is not soft water. This is why you may still want to consider adding an RV water filter to the water connection.

To connect an RV water filter, you will first want to connect a hose designed for drinking water to the RV water inlet on the outside of your unit. It is recommended to use a quick-disconnect adapter to make connecting and disconnecting to water sources easier. Once set up, you will have a few different RV water filter options available to you.

You can use a residential-style filter for your RV water filter. To install, run the a short safe drinking water hose to the inlet side of the filter and a longer safe drinking water hose from the outlet side of the filter. These filters can offer a lot more options and can filter contaminants such as lime, sediment, salt, and more. Plus, these filters are larger and last longer, although they are much bulkier and take up more room inside a compartment when traveling.

There also is a smaller, portable RV water filter available that can easily be installed inline with the hose.

When installing the RV water filter, do not hook it up directly to the RV. Instead, attach it to the end of the hose just before connecting it to the water supply. It is also a good idea to attach a pressure regulator to the hose before connecting to the campground water supply. This will keep the pressure down to 40 psi, which will avoid any blowouts in your water system.

If you feel you need to test the water yourself, there are digital readers you can use to test the water quality. These are available at camping stores and large home repair stores.

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