Installing GasStop

Duration: 2:45

GasStop is just what it sounds like. If there’s a major leak in the propane system in your camper it stops the flow of propane. What great peace of mind. It’s easy to install and also tells you the fill status of your propane tank BEFORE leaving on your trip. It can also be used to detect minor leaks in the propane system in your RV. Visit GasStop’s website for more info.

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    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Stephen. Here is the link to the manufacturer’s website. If you scroll down the page they have instructions on how to purchase and what retailers carry it.
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  1. Glenn B
    Glenn B

    I have a 2 stage automatic changeover LP valve for my 5th wheel camper. Should I use the “Gas Stop” valve at the propane tank or after the 2 stage changeover valve? I am not sure if the “Gas Stop” would get a false reading during the changeover process and assume there is a leak due to low pressure?

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      Customer Service

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