George Vondriska

Installing GasStop

George Vondriska
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GasStop is just what it sounds like. If there’s a major leak in the propane system in your camper it stops the flow of propane. What great peace of mind. It’s easy to install and also tells you the fill status of your propane tank BEFORE leaving on your trip. It can also be used to detect minor leaks in the propane system in your RV. Visit GasStop’s website for more info.

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8 Responses to “Installing GasStop”

  1. Richard

    A pressure gauge has a hard time knowing how much liquid remains in the tank. It just tells you when it is almost empty. Call me when you have that feature. Great idea though !

  2. Brian

    If you have two tanks on your trailer will it monitor both at the same time or will the gas stop have to be taken off the empty tank and installed on the other tank? Having two tanks means there’s a switch over valve from the empty tank to the full tank which is done manually by hand.

  3. Henry Chinery

    I would not rely on that gauge to tell me if my tank was full or half full. It's a pressure gauge not a volume gauge. Propane like any liquified gas exerts the same pressure as long as there is liquid in the tank. So your tank may be almost empty but still read in the green depending on the temperature of the liquid and the environment. If you want to know how much is the tank take it off and weigh it.

  4. Tom brunholtz

    Do you know what that green nut does?

  5. Stephen Korenek

    My Alaska cabin was trashed by a grizzly last Fall. The propane was off at the tank. The range and propane fridge were destroyed. Both were on the same line. I am worried that during the times we are away resuplying should the same happen and the fridge line was torn off while the range pilot lights were on, the fire resulting woul totally destroy the cabin. Would this device react sufficientlc quickly to prevent the fire?

  6. JAMES

    Read the user reviews. If you use your RV in sub-freezing conditions, this may not be the product for you. The pressure gauge is no more reliable than less expensive gauges in cold weather; but more importantly the initial big draw of a RV furnace starting during sub-freezing conditions can trigger this device. You'll figure it out when the RV gets cold enough, and head outside to do a reset. And it will continue to trip each time the furnace starts. Many fall hunters routinely use their RVs with 'crisp' temps at night. While we use our RV seasonally in the south, there are still a few weeks where night time temps cab drop into hard freeze range. My propane tanks are outside the travel trailer. If a leak is internal, my RV has a alarm. If the leak is external, propane is heavier than air and will settle to ground and assuming there is no flame or spark outside the RV, the propane with dissipate with any breeze.

  7. Glenn B

    I have a 2 stage automatic changeover LP valve for my 5th wheel camper. Should I use the "Gas Stop" valve at the propane tank or after the 2 stage changeover valve? I am not sure if the "Gas Stop" would get a false reading during the changeover process and assume there is a leak due to low pressure?

  8. Stephen Mallia

    very interested how can I obtain one of these please.

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