George Vondriska

Corner Repair and Rebuild

George Vondriska
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Duration:   30  mins

Remember that issue with the floor? Turns out it was caused by a leak in the front left corner of the camper. I got the wall opened up, put in new framing, replaced the weird molding someone had put on with O.E.M. molding, and got it all buttoned up.

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5 Responses to “Corner Repair and Rebuild”

  1. Terrye0_2

    I'm enjoying these videos and I don't even own a camper. I just wish there was the annoying loud music dispersed through out.

  2. Jannene

    I always thought your suppose to fix bad wood from the outside that's how i fixed mine i just took off the outside skin and it was pretty easy to fix.

  3. Dan Owen

    So what was done to fill the holes made by the wrong trim in the metal beyond the new trim?


    I've done some of this type of work on a Class C motorhome we own. Had to rebuild the entire over cab bed from bed frame through roof. Took me over a year to finish as I don't have an indoor shop to use. Tarps and waiting for warm weather was required. Question... after you buff off the paint how do you repaint the damaged area? I've tried latex spray enamel but it comes off.

  5. Judy Moore

    Thank you for all the wonderful tips and tricks!

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