Week 1 Swim Noodles

Welcome to your very first assignment of the Hack My RV Challenge! Each week you will get one new assignment delivered to your inbox that you will be challenged to complete before the next week’s assignment hits – and we’ll keep this going for a total of 6 weeks.

For each assignment, Dave Solberg, Managing Editor of RV Repair Club, will give you an idea for an item that you likely have lying around the house or RV. You will be challenged to think of a new way to use or refashion that item so that it can create a “hack” for your RV – a quick, easy, cool, or fun solution that makes life in the RV easier or better in some way. It’s a chance to get creative and have some fun!

When you’ve completed your hack for the week, make sure to share a photo with us in the Challenge Facebook Group – we can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


What can you create with swim noodles that enhances your RV experience? Dave has some ideas to get you started – check out the video below:


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Ready for the next hack? Here’s what’s coming up next:

Swim Noodles
PVC Pipes
Grocery Bags
Cardboard Tubes
Empty Containers
Duct Tape

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28 Responses to “Week 1 Swim Noodles”

  1. Kari

    We slit noodles lengthwise to place along the bottom edge of interior slide in the kitchen area to prevent drafts in the winter.

  2. Sue Dillard

    I slit the noodle all the way and place on the under lip of the slide out so I dont crack my skull when getting things out of the basement. My hubby likes to use them on the corners slitting lengths and placing on the corners of the slide outs so he does not run into the hard edge. Also use them over the wiper blades to protect from the Florida sun while we are parked for the winter there. Just cut to length and slit one side then feed over the rubber side of the blade and put wiper arm back up in place. The arm holds the noodle securely.

  3. John B

    I carry noodles to protect my head from scraping the bottom of the bedroom slide. We full-time RV, and last winter we were in an area where the temperature dropped to 25 degrees F, and the wind was blowing about 15 mph. I didn’t want the fresh water hose to freeze, so I used my noodles like pipe insulation, and we had no problem. The lesson we learned is to stay south enough to avoid this kind of weather.

  4. Mark

    Used mine to slip over my kayak rack to protect rack and kayak. Have a pic of one of them still on the rack after crossing the country WITHOUT the kayak!

  5. mark

    I would use the noodles on exposed water pipes that hang down underneath your RV to help protect them from freezing or just for protection.

  6. Ellen Kaminsky

    Swim noodles…cut 3″ length, split the side and slip over the padlocks we use to secure kayaks to the top of the car. No more scaring the paint when the locks bounce on the roof. Also use them, full length, to protect our fishing rods when they’re stored in the bins under the rig; no more mangled/tangled rods/line.

  7. Jeff

    Tired of cracking my head on the bottom of the slides when removing/replacing items in the basement, I cut a slit the full length of each swim noodle and slip them over the entire outer, bottom edge of the slides. No more hurting my head.

    • Ed

      Thanks for the fantastic idea. I’ve been working on mine for about a month which adds up to about 20 head bangings.

  8. Paul White

    Response to Challenge 1 – Swim Noodles; we use the on on bikes when we put them in the rack behind our RV – various lengths in the main rails, and pedals to keep them from scraping against the coach and each other.

  9. Joe Owen

    I cut a one foot section of noodle and slip it over the lower edges of the slides when deployed. That way I don’t bump my skull on it while walking around our rig – done that more than once!!! :(

  10. Samuel Crabtree

    This is a response to swim noodle use. Both my wife and I ride Terra Trikes, When we carry them inside (not real often) we split sections of swim noodles and slip them under the wheels to protect the flooring.

  11. Rick Malchow

    I use swim noodle to put on the windshield of my boat to protect the cover

  12. Melanie

    We put our tie down straps through them when strapping paddle boards and kayaks to the back the RV to prevent any rubbing or damage.

  13. Carey

    When we had a travel trailer that we covered in storage, we cut small pieces of the noodles and tied them over the protruding gutters at the corner of the unit roof and it kept the cover from getting torn. Worked for anything that might cut the cover fabric like edges of the stairs, etc.


    I cut the noodles into the correct lengths and velcro them to the lower back of the dinette seat cushions. It allows a more “laid back” seating position while sitting at the table.

  15. Doug Hughes

    I also use the pool noodle by cutting off two 4 inch sections, then cut it with a slit. I then place them on each of my windshield wipers at the hinge on the rubber side. Place the wiper part way into the noodle, then place it on the windshield. This keeps the wiper rubber off the windshield when parked either at a long term camp site or when the motorhome is parked for storage.

  16. Doug Hughes

    I have used the pool noodles for protecting my Motorhome when using my extension Ladder. I place it on the cross rung where it rests against the roof edge. It can also be placed on the two sides of the ladder to also protect the motorhome.

  17. Lil Fehr

    We use noodles on our bike tires/pedals/handlebars/supports so the bikes don’t rub together while on the road

  18. Douglas W. Powell

    I also use Noodles between my chairs when I travel. Place a noodle over the vertical part on the back and tie the chairs together. No rubbing,scuffing or damage. Cheap n’ EASY!

  19. Ronald Teal

    Cut pcs of noodles to wiper blade lengths, slit and place on blades to slow deterioration from weather and sun while parked.

  20. Cindy Fuller

    Use noodles on your windshield wipers to prevent them getting “sun dried”. Of course you can use the boring pre cut grey pipe insulation too.

  21. Patrick

    use swim noodles as covers for handles of garden tools ,brooms , shovels and as insulation for water pipes etc.

  22. Horace

    Under mount sink clips, anyone know where to find them , Home Depot does not carry them