Week 4 Cardboard Tubes

Empty cardboard tubes

Week 4 of the Hack My RV Challenge is now upon us and we are keeping the theme of “trash to treasure” going strong with this week’s assignment: cardboard tubes. You have likely had lots of these around the RV at one point or another, from either toilet paper rolls or paper towels. Instead of tossing these in the trash, what other use can you make from them? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Dave has a really clever idea for this week’s assignment. All you need is a cardboard tube, some dryer link, and a couple of Doritos chips (yes, you read that right). See what he makes with these supplies in this video:

Empty cardboard tubes and Doritos bag

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7 Responses to “Week 4 Cardboard Tubes”

  1. David

    My wife is a quilter and she takes all the toilet paper tubes (RV toilet paper tubes are so much thicker than household toilet paper which are so flimsy so she prefers the RV toilet paper tubes) and she wraps her cut fabric strips on these tubes for the quilt she is making at the time.

  2. Bill

    THe 13 ft. slide don’t open all the way there is a gap at the top so the gasket don’t seal at the top only. is there any adjustment so it would slide evenly ?

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      Hello Bill,

      To provide more specific troubleshooting information on your slide room issue we need the make, model and year of your rig and the location of the slide such as bedroom, living room etc.

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  3. mark shany

    I would use them for storing everything from extension cords to taping one end up and putting in different types of screws, washers, batteries. You could even put your tooth brush in it, as a way of protecting it from other things that you don’t your tooth brush to come in contact with when your packing to go away on a trip.

  4. Bob T Ponder

    Seems like I subcribed to RV New about a year ago, and this is the first newletter I have received since. What happened? Please check your records.

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