Week 5 Empty Containers

Empty food containers

Can you believe we’re already on to week 5 of the Hack My RV Challenge? It’s been a blast so far – so many great tips and tricks for the RV! This week’s hack should be a good one: your assignment is to think creatively about all those empty containers we have lying around. They could be anything – plastic condiment bottles, old glass jars, milk jugs, laundry detergent jugs – anything that once held a product but is now destined for the recycling bin. What could you make that helps out around the RV?

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Check out the video below for a cool idea from Dave that turns an old ketchup bottle into the perfect helper for breakfast time:

Pancakes in a squeeze container

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4 Responses to “Week 5 Empty Containers”

  1. mark shany

    I crack eggs into a large wide mouthed container like a large mayonnaise container. Then if you need to use eggs for either a recipe or for breakfast all you have to do is just pour out the amount of eggs that you need. By putting them in a container, you will never have to worry about breaking or dropping eggs by accident and making a mess and by putting them in a clear plastic container, you can not only see how much you have but if you happen to drop the container, chances are it will not break, creating a mess.

  2. David

    use empty egg cartons to make fire starters. Fill the empty carton with saw dust and/or dryer lint and then pour liquid wax over the whole filled container (be very careful how you make the liquid wax), let it all dry and then slice the finished product into a dozen blocks. Then use these blocks to start your campfire.