6 Cool RV Products You’ll Definitely Want for Your Rig

Modern technology may have taken some of the allure of escaping society away from RVing, but certain gadgets really do make cross-country trips easier and much more carefree. Sure you could fumble with a paper map and stop for directions five times, but wouldn’t you rather just get there before sunset?

There are all sorts of sweet products available to make your time on the road more worthwhile, more comfortable, and more memorable. The following gadgets are just some of our many favorites; we’ll never run out of handy no-brainers that help us accomplish a task and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

huawei mobile wi-fi hotspot

1. Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Even if you prefer to remain off the grid while you’re on a trip, it’s not a bad idea to have the option of staying connected, because well, you just never know. With this wireless Internet hotspot from Huawei, up to 10 devices and their users can surf the web at once.

garmin rv-specific gps

2. Garmin RV-Specific GPS

It’s certainly helpful when getting where you’re going to know where you’re headed. Erase all mystery with an RV-specific GPS from Garmin, which not only calculates optimal routes for the specifications of a standard RV, but also alerts the driver of risks such as inclement weather, steep hills, and sharp curves.

tiretech pressure monitor

3. TireTech Pressure Monitor

We bet you’ve never cursed louder than that one time when one of your RV tires blew a flat in the middle of nowhere. Do yourself a solid to prevent that dreadful moment from happening again with this wireless tire pressure monitor system from TireTech, which displays real-time pressure and temperature for up to 22 wheels.

energybar 250

4. EnergyBar 250 Road Charger

Enjoy the comforts of civilization while you explore the great unknown with the EnergyBar 250 battery pack. Lightweight, sleek and rechargeable with AC/DC hookup or the unit’s top-mounted solar panels, RVers can use the EnergyBar 250 charging station to power essential items such as smartphones, laptop computers, fans and LED TVs.

oxygenics shower handle

5. Oxygenics Shower Handle

There are few things on vacation more frustrating than coming back from a difficult hike and wanting to take a hot, relaxing shower, only to find that you have hardly any water pressure and the temperature keeps changing. Luckily, the oxygenating showerhead from Oxygenics increases pressure, controls temperature, and saves water by adding oxygen to the flow of your shower, so you can unwind properly after a long day.

bolt solar charger

6. BOLT Solar Charger

Both your son and daughter’s phones lose power at the same time. Their music was supposed to last the whole way, but now they’re up and bored and wondering if they’re there yet. You can keep the whole family entertained thanks to the Solio BOLT solar charger and its USB charging station. Just mount the BOLT on your dashboard, let it draw energy from the sun, and then plug in and bring your device back to life. Holding power for up to one year, it can also save the day in case of emergency.

Upgrading to these cool new gadgets all at once could put a hefty dent in your wallet, so we recommend upgrading slowly. Pick an item that you think will benefit you most at the moment, and see how it affects your trips. The tech isn’t going away anytime soon!

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39 Responses to “6 Cool RV Products You’ll Definitely Want for Your Rig”
  1. Ivan Andersson

    For 30 dollars more you can get the same gps + a wireless remote color backup camera at amazon and ebay + garmin dealers, 379.95.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Harold. You can use residential faucets for your RV shower, however check your current configuration as I suspect the faucet is mounted to the wall and a hose comes from the bottom to the shower head? Make sure you do not get the residential type that hides the piping behind a wall.

  2. Joey

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Expedition , RV Year: 2012

    What’s the best solar power system for my RV

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Joey. We would be happy to assist you; we just need some more information. What is the make/model/year of your RV?

  3. Neil

    RV Make: Winnebago, RV Model: Vectra, RV Year: 2004, Brand: Intellitec, Model Number: 620

    2004 Winnebago Vectra Intellitec 620 energy management system. The 8 wire 12 volt plug has 12 volt coming in (top yellow wire) but no power going out (white wire) to water heater relay??

    • Customer Service

      Hi Neil. Thanks for visiting the RV Repair Club and the opportunity to assist with what Winnebago calls Powerline. It’s a hybrid of some Intellitec components and some Winnebago Industries ones as well. The first thing I would check is the voltage you are using as the water heater is typically the first item that is shut off by the EMS. Try turning something else off in the coach and see if it comes on. If not, then it has to be the module inside the EMS which has gone bad for that component and will not “close” which is just like having a broken wire with no power going to it. One more thing to check, does the water heater work off of LP? If it’s connected to the EMS it’s probably the 10 ga 120/LP model. That still doesn’t explain no voltage coming out of the system but it will get you working until you can locate a new module.

      • Neil Meyer

        RV Make: Winnebago , RV Model: Vectra, RV Year: 2004

        Better late then never. It took me 6 months to see your response to this question: “my 2004 Winnebago Vectra Intellitec 620 energy management system. The 8 wire 12 volt plug has 12 volt coming in (top yellow wire) but no power going out (white wire) to water heater relay??” Your answer was correct in that the voltage I was using is what the issue was. I was powered by a simple 15 amp 50′ extension cord. When I plugged into 30 amp with a 50/30 amp cord, I then had power to the water heater. Sometimes I am not very smart. I was happy it was such a simple inexpensive fix. Thank you for your expertise! Neil

  4. jerry

    RV Make: jayco, RV Model: slx 145, RV Year: 2016

    How to remove/ replace the ceiling LED light in the bathroom.

  5. David

    RV Make: 2002 34D Bounder, RV Model: 34D, RV Year: 2002

    How do you adjust ceiling suspended cabinets. I can’t find any adjustments hardware. Ones in front of RVSUNSCREENS are down by a quarter of an inch.

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for visiting the RV Repair Club site and the opportunity to assist with your windshield question. If it’s just a rub, I would recommend cleaning it good with Bar Keepers Friend and a fine grade steel wool. If it’s a scratch or scrape, there are some windshield polishes and wax that do a fair job of filling in the scratch with minimal distortion. Try the steel wool first!

  6. gary

    RV Make: Dutchmen, RV Model: 35b, RV Year: 2008, Brand: Thor

    How can i increase pitch on a carefree colorado electric awning?

  7. Meliton

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Bounder, RV Year: 2002

    What kind of roof, do I have in that rv

    • Customer Service

      To provide more specific information on your roof material we need to know the make, model, and year of the RV! It could be aluminum in the older models, rubber membrane from the late 1980’s to present, or fiberglass? If it’s a white colored rubber looking material, check out our video on identifying the material on the website. It could be TPO, EPDM, or Alpha!

    • Barry

      RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Expedition, RV Year: 2007

      You can also contact Fleetwood with your FIN and they can tell you. Try (800) 322-8216, follow menu to your make and model, then customer service.

  8. Romeo Emile

    RV Make: Grand desing, RV Model: Imagine 2500 RL, RV Year: 2017

    How to maintain the slide out?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Romeo. To provide more specific maintenance information on your slide out we need to know the make, model, and year of your rig as well as what slide mechanism/brand. Basic maintenance for any type of slide is to periodically check the seals and condition them with the recommended product for the type of seal, clean off the top of the slide room before retracting if you do not have an awning cover, and inspect the rails, seals, and other components according to the slide mechanism manufacturer. Cable slides should be inspected for slack in the cable, hydraulic slides should have the fluid checked, and gear driven slides have a recommended lubrication schedule.

  9. Bob Kay

    RV Make: Keystone Outback, RV Model: 240urs, RV Year: 2017

    adding a DC fan to main skylight vent

  10. James Gastineau

    RV Make: Damon, RV Model: Daybreak 3276, RV Year: 2006

    The automatic steps on my 2006 Damon Daybreak only work part of the time. They will work several times over the course of a trip, then not work at all for several trips. I’m thinking it’s the sensor as I can’t find any loose or corroded wires/connections anywhere. But, I have searched high and low for a sensor and have not found one. Any idea where it could be?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, James. We would be happy to assist you; we just need some more information. What is the year/make/model of your RV?

  11. Samuel

    RV Make: KZ by Thor, RV Model: Sportsmen, RV Year: 2017

    Just looking to learn because we are new to land cruising

  12. Rick

    RV Make: National, RV Model: Dolphin, RV Year: 1999

    Looking for parts & manuals

    • Customer Service

      Good afternoon,

      To provide more specific information on manuals and parts we need to know the make, model, and year of your RV.


  13. Corkey Bergamo

    RV Make: Heartland, RV Model: BigHorn 3670 RL, RV Year: 2012, Brand: Dometic, Model Number: Awning

    I need to replace my awning but would like to use a better quality then what is offered by Dometic and in a solid color material. Any suggestions.

    • Customer Service

      I’ve been in the RV industry since 1983 starting in Warranty Returns at Winnebago and Dometic/A&E was there before that and I am not aware of any issue with their product? The two major brands in the industry are A&E and Carefree Of Colorado. There are some knock off brands but I would stay away from them. There are also some companies such as ShadePro that offer fabric replacement. My first question is what happened to the awning that it needs to be replaced and is it the entire awning or just fabric? Awnings do need maintenance such as cleaning, conditioning, and making sure they are not stored wet.

  14. Richard

    RV Make: Rexhall , RV Model: Roseair , RV Year: 2002

    When I have jacks down and both slides out I hear a clicking noise from under driver side dashboard or that general area. Not all the time. It comes for a few minutes then stops for a few hours. You can almost feel the vibration underneath your feet 15′ away. My coach never goes out of level even after a 7 day camp out.

  15. Ray

    RV Make: Travel Supreme, RV Model: Select 45 DL, RV Year: 2006, Brand: Travel Supreme Select, Model Number: 45 DL

    Entry steps sound as though a gear is slipping while extending abd retracting.

    • Customer Service

      To provide more specific troubleshooting information on your step issue we
      need the make, model, and year of the steps. Most steps today are
      either Kwikee or LCI both of which are owned by Lippert Components Inc
      (LCI). I would suggest getting under the step and feel the gear
      assembly to see if that is what is grinding. If so, remove it bench
      test for operation. You may need to replace the gears, but it’s
      generally faster and cheaper to just replace the assembly.

      Check out the video on the site for electric steps.

  16. Norman

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: Four Winds 31, RV Year: 2017

    Would like things to in prove a trip and safety.

  17. Richard S. Wiebe

    RV Make: Rexhall , RV Model: Rosair, RV Year: 2002

    Your article on 6 cool products that I would want for my Rv would be more helpful if the links to the products weren’t broken or went to a page where they were available for purchase. You need to check up on the web masters work.

  18. Tom Clement

    RV Make: American Coach , RV Model: Eagle, RV Year: 2017, Brand: Garman, Model Number: RV specific GPS

    Does this also include diesel fuel stops for the size of RV entered into their program. Also love to have it tied into gas buddy.

  19. Arvis

    RV Make: Keystone, RV Model: Montana, RV Year: 2018

    needing a cell signal booster that works, any recommendations ?

  20. Brent LeValley

    RV Make: Bigfoot truck camper, RV Model: 1011SL, RV Year: 2001, Brand: Scissor stairs

    Can’t handle bouncy stairs at my age need a hinged fixed stare that will reach the ground door height to ground approximate 50 inches. Any ideas?

  21. Russell Boatright

    RV Make: Newmar, RV Model: Kountry Star, RV Year: 2005

    We have just purchased a 2005 33’ coach. When we were checking it out, the leveling jacks worked, however when we tried to use them at a campsite they would not come down. The “store” light keeps flashing. We have tri d setting parking brake, key as acc, motor not running, on indicator does not come on. Store light flashes.

    • Customer Service

      Dear Russell,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. The “store” light should only be flashing when the jacks are retracting and getting stored for travel. If they are retracted but the light is still flashing there is either a problem with one of the jacks not being fully retracted or a problem with the controls. I have heard of the Master Relay causing this issue when it goes bad. I would first check all of the jacks and make sure they are up, if not you might want to manually retract the jacks until they are and try the system again. This can happen if the system was turned off during the last store or level sequence, it may just need to be reset.

      RV Repair Club Technical Expert