Lauren Grijalva

Making Friends and Building Community

Lauren Grijalva
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Learn how to utilize social media to make connections with other RVers. We walk you step-by-step through how to find Facebook groups that are targeted to your specific stage of life, interests, and RV style.
Instagram is a really helpful tool you can use to connect with other RVers. Learn how to use hashtags to find RVers and follow specific hashtags that will bring RVers into your feed so that you can make connections online.
There are a lot of memberships for RVers out there, and some of them were created specifically for creating community. We highlight these groups and explain what each one offers, as well as who the group’s target audience and demographic is.
Many campgrounds and RV parks offer a calendar of pre-planned activities when you arrive. Attending these activities is an easy, convenient way to meet other RVers who share the same interests as you.
It’s always nice to know who your neighbors are! Make a point to greet and talk to people who are parked near you. We share some great conversation starters to help you strike up a conversation with your neighbors.
Hosting an event doesn’t have to be elaborate or stressful. You can create simple spaces and welcome other RVers to join you. Campfires, roasting s’mores, happy hour chats and cookouts are just a few things you can easily invite others to. And for guys, events like poker nights or pool tournaments can be popular. Events don’t always have to be held at the RV park, either!
You have to be intentional about staying in touch with friends you meet. Before you part ways, exchange phone numbers. Keep track of each other through social media. You can even plan to meet up again down the road.
Meet Ali, Michelle and Dawn and learn about how they each meet friends on the road. Hear real-life stories about how they met some of their best friends and specific things they've found that are important when looking to make connections at RV parks.
If you ever wonder how children feel about the RV life, and making friends, hear first-hand how much fun they have with other kids.
Learn more about your instructor, Lauren Grijalva.
10 Lessons
1  hrs 9  mins

Many RVers are seeking to build community on the road, and want to know how to go about doing that. In this class, you’ll hear some new ideas on how to make initial connections, build friendships and continue those relationships long term.

Far too many RVers complain about feeling a lack of community as they travel around in their RV. This doesn’t have to be the case! Developing friendships can be a little different and more challenging when you are traveling from place to place and are staying at your stops for just a week or weekend at a time. There are still many ways to connect with other RVers and build lasting friendships.

Your instructor for this class, Lauren Grijalva, will show you a variety of ways to connect with other RVers using different forms of social media, including Facebook and Instagram. You’ll see a list of online groups and memberships that were created specifically for building community for RVers.

You’ll learn tips for finding campground activities and specific RV park chains that typically offer these activities. We explain practical ways to host events and meet your neighbors.

The class wraps up with the importance of keeping in touch with the people you meet and being intentional about planning to meet up again in the future. RVing doesn’t have to be lonely as there are lots of people looking to build community. You just need to know where to look to find them!

Lauren Grijalva

Lauren Grijalva is a wife, mother, full-time RVer, and creator of The Wanderpreneurs. She has been traveling full-time with her family since November 2018 in their Coachmen Chaparral fifth wheel. Lauren is a professional photographer, writer, and content creator for various websites and outlets, including her own RV travel blog. She loves spending time outdoors and adventuring with family and friends.

Lauren Grijalva

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