10 Great Gift Ideas for RV Travelers

Do you know someone who loves hitting the road in their RV? Or many someone who’s just getting started with the RV lifestyle? Take their next adventure to the next level with a thoughtful gift to support their love of RV travel. Here are 10 great gift ideas any RVer is bound to appreciate. 

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1. Portable Campfire 

This portable propane fire pit brings flickering campfire ambience to any campsite without the need to assemble a wood fire. Its matchless ignition and smoke-free flame means this campfire will leave no trace. This pit is especially useful for campgrounds that don’t allow burning real wood, and will provide peace of mind that no embers will set any surrounding brush ablaze. 

2. RV Surge Protector

Help them protect their motorhome from nasty electrical damage with this heavy-duty Progressive Industries surge protector. It monitors power and has an easy-read LED display to catch any voltage that could wreak havoc on appliances and electronics. 

3. RV Bed Sheets

These microfiber RV sheets are marshmallow-soft, comfy, and durable enough for extensive travel. Their cozy fitted style works on most RV mattresses for dreamy comfort, even on long trips away from home. Or, if your RVer prefers eco-friendly products, these organic cotton sheets might be right up their alley. 

4. Portable Solar Panels

Keep them connected with fully charged devices, even on the open road with these portable solar panels. With large panels and a convenient fold-up design, these solar panels can be used to charge devices directly or load up power banks for backup reserves. 

5. Motorhome Leveling Blocks

Leveling a parked RV is a cinch with a set of Lynx Levelers leveling blocks. They stack together securely under tires and are as easy as snapping together a set of Legos. 

6. Collapsible Food Storage 

RVs are notorious for their small amounts of space, which means having space-saving items essential for life on the road. A set of collapsible food storage is great for maximizing both storage space and those precious leftovers without taking up very much real estate. 

7. Backpack Cooler

A good cooler is an essential for any camping trip. A portable backpack cooler like this one can be taken wherever the wind goes, whether it’s a short trek down to the beach or a day hike through the forest. 

8. Ove Gloves


Heatproof gloves like these Ove Gloves are a fantastic gift for any RVer who loves to grill or cook over the fire on their trips. These gloves use the same flame-resistant material used by firefighters and can withstand temperatures up to 540°F, keeping your loved ones’ hands safe and protected from hot metals or flames. They can also double as oven mitts! 

9. Camping Chair

A sturdy camping chair is a must-have for any RVer. They’ll love relaxing at the campfire with this Coleman camping chair. Its padded seat and armrests cradle comfortably, while the built-in cooler bag keeps up to four chilled drinks within easy reach. Or, if you know a pair of RVers attached at the hip, consider this loveseat-style camping chair for cozy nights by the fire. 

10. Portable RV Waste Tote

It may not be a very glamorous gift, but the Camco Rhino portable waste tote makes hauling and emptying RV waste tanks clean and easy with its rugged wheels and secure design. It comes in two sizes, a 36-gallon and 15-gallon version (pictured above), and while it’s not the prettiest, trust us when we say your RVer will be thanking you for it. 

Whether they’re new to the RV lifestyle or an experienced long-hauler, these gifts are sure to be well-received by just about any RVer. Happy camping! 

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