4 Tips for RV Waste Holding Tank Maintenance

Emptying and cleaning your RV waste holding tank isn’t the most pleasant job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult! ! Understanding proper RV waste holding tank maintenance will undoubtedly make your RVing experience more pleasant. Learn our top tips for keeping your waste tank fresh and clean below.

RV Waste Holding Tank Maintenance

How to Sanitize Your Waste Holding Tank

It is a good idea to thoroughly clean and sanitize your RV waste holding tanks especially before winterizing. Build-up of bacteria and other waste can cause unpleasant odors. The best way to rid of this smell is to sanitize your grey and black water tanks. In this video, David Solberg instructs on how to use a bleach and water solution to sanitize your RV’s waste holding tanks.

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RV Waste Holding Tank Maintenance

Which RV holding tank chemicals are right for me?

There are several approved RV holding tank chemicals. These are chemicals that will not destroy seals and lubrication and will still allow for good bacteria, which helps break down solids. All are liquid, biodegradable, and come in convenient packaging. In this video, David Solberg makes some recommendations on proper chemical use.

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RV Waste Holding Tank Maintenance

Maintaining and Cleaning Your RV Holding Tanks

In this comprehensive video, you’ll learn how to dump the two RV holding tanks – the black and gray water systems. You’ll learn safety tips for preventing bacteria and pathogens from escaping into your environment, and you’ll show you which order you should empty your tanks. Being knowledgeable about dumping black and gray water systems is essential to RV ownership. Here are some safety tips and tricks to prevent the escape of exterior pathogens and interior odors.

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RV Waste Holding Tank Maintenance

Eliminating Odors Caused by RV Holding Tanks

Most of the foul aromas in an RV originate from faulty vents that lead odors up and out of the roof from RV holding tanks. In this video, David Solberg teaches how to find the faulty vent and come up with a solution to the stinky problem. Solberg’s methods are quick, easy, and best of all, inexpensive. Ridding these odors will provide a better RVing experience for yourself and all travelers.

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20 Responses to “4 Tips for RV Waste Holding Tank Maintenance”

  1. stan dekiel

    THE gray TANK WAS PREVIOUSLY DAMAGED AND REPAIRED WITH WHAt looks like flex seal tape and is now leaking

  2. Laura Taylor

    Hot water heater

  3. Karly Murrel

    Help. I purchased a used 2016 Columbus 5th wheel from an individual and unfortunately no training on how to do anything. Im very new to the RV community. I'm struggling with dumping the Black and Gray tank. My control panel shows Gray tank 1 gray tank2 and Black tank 1 and Black tank 2. The water is backing up in the shower when running water facet in the bathroom sink. When running water in the kitchen sink there are no issues. I have had issues with the toilet but feel Ive isolated that issue to being in the pipe before it reaches the black tank. Hopefully someone can help me. Due to covid, ive been unemployed so taking it into a rv repair shop just isnt an option at this time. help

  4. Gary Gray

    My remote isn’t working. I changed the battery and it still doesn’t work

  5. Roxi Rykal

    After using our black water back flush after draining black tank religiously for 2 1/2 yrs it has suddenly stopped working. Water goes into hose but does not enter black tank. We cleaned out the screen on the outside outlet but from there we have no idea on what step to take next.

  6. Carol

    What can you use to clean the sensor in the black water tank?

  7. Remi Zecman

    Any recommendation on what hind of chemical to use in the Black tank? Liquid or what I bought which is BIO-PAK by Walex ? it is a pre- package I bought at camping world. Thank you

  8. Barbara Bluhm


  9. Mike Marshall

    Video for waste holding tank Maintenance.

  10. Greg Nicholas

    If you have your black water tank directly below the toilet, then you can use our method. We use a Flexible Swivel Stick, that is inserted through the toilet’s, hand-operated type, open flush valve, on a ten foot hose, that is connected to it’s fresh water supply by a double valved Y connector, that goes in the window nearest the bathroom. Also a Sewer Solution (SS) system, connected to it’s water supply through a very short hose to the other branch of the second valved Y connector, that has its own back-flush feature. We also needed a 7 inch sewer extension, so the 1 inch SS drain hose is lined up with the utility compartment port. My wife handles the inside duties while I man the outside. We get all the level indicators back. After the dump valve is closed, toilet flush valve is left open for 1 1/2 minutes and the Orange TST tank treatment is added. I then dump the gray water tank. (Back info, I have my water filter connected directly to the fresh water intake, then through a valved Y I connect the fresh water hose. All inside the utility compartment.) I also installed a Cyclone Sewer Vent on the roof in place of the standard black tank vent cover. We have no odors. Hope this offers invite.