6 Cool RV Products You’ll Definitely Want for Your Rig

Modern technology may have taken some of the allure of escaping society away from RVing, but certain gadgets really do make cross-country trips easier and much more carefree. Sure, you could fumble with a paper map and stop for directions five times, but wouldn’t you rather just get there before sunset?

There are all sorts of sweet products available to make your time on the road more worthwhile, more comfortable, and more memorable. The following gadgets are just some of our many favorites; we’ll never run out of handy no-brainers that help us accomplish a task and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

huawei mobile wi-fi hotspot

1. Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Even if you prefer to remain off the grid while you’re on a trip, it’s not a bad idea to have the option of staying connected, because well, you just never know. With this wireless Internet hotspot from Huawei, up to 10 devices and their users can surf the web at once.

garmin rv-specific gps

2. Garmin RV-Specific GPS

It’s certainly helpful when getting where you’re going to know where you’re headed. Erase all mystery with an RV-specific GPS from Garmin, which not only calculates optimal routes for the specifications of a standard RV, but also alerts the driver of risks such as inclement weather, steep hills, and sharp curves.

tiretech pressure monitor

3. TireTech Pressure Monitor

We bet you’ve never cursed louder than that one time when one of your RV tires blew a flat in the middle of nowhere. Do yourself a solid to prevent that dreadful moment from happening again with this wireless tire pressure monitor system from TireTech, which displays real-time pressure and temperature for up to 22 wheels.

energybar 250

4. EnergyBar 250 Road Charger

Enjoy the comforts of civilization while you explore the great unknown with the EnergyBar 250 battery pack. Lightweight, sleek, and rechargeable with AC/DC hookup or the unit’s top-mounted solar panels, RVers can use the EnergyBar 250 charging station to power essential items such as smartphones, laptop computers, fans, and LED TVs.

oxygenics shower handle

5. Oxygenics Shower Handle

There are few things on vacation more frustrating than coming back from a difficult hike and wanting to take a hot, relaxing shower, only to find that you have hardly any water pressure and the temperature keeps changing. Luckily, the oxygenating showerhead from Oxygenics increases pressure, controls temperature, and saves water by adding oxygen to the flow of your shower, so you can unwind properly after a long day.

bolt solar charger

6. BOLT Solar Charger

Both your son and daughter’s phones lose power at the same time. Their music was supposed to last the whole way, but now they’re up and bored and wondering if they’re there yet. You can keep the whole family entertained thanks to the Solio BOLT solar charger and its USB charging station. Just mount the BOLT on your dashboard, let it draw energy from the sun, and then plug in and bring your device back to life. Holding power for up to one year, it can also save the day in case of emergency.

Upgrading to these cool new gadgets all at once could put a hefty dent in your wallet, so we recommend upgrading slowly. Pick an item that you think will benefit you most at the moment, and see how it affects your trips. The tech isn’t going away anytime soon!

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33 Responses to “6 Cool RV Products You’ll Definitely Want for Your Rig”

  1. Howard Kagan

    When I looked up the EnergyBar 250 Road Charger, this is what I found: "AspectSolar.com This domain is for sale: $12,795" what kind of junk are your trying to sell? TireTech Pressure Monitor does not come up in google and is not in the top ten of any list of TPMS I reviewed. None of the items on this list are worth a second look except Garmin, though pricey. Who would buy a Huawei Hot Spot??

  2. Tabitha

    WOW, almost all the products on this web are not found or discontinued Update your page before send it out.

  3. Marshall Holstrom

    Your mobile hot spot is from a Chinese company that's probably sending your data to the CCC. Surely you can do better than that.


    My MH has a small solar panel for trickle charging the house (and maybe chassis) batteries. I have 2 questions: 1. How do I know if the panel charges both sets of batteries, and 2. How do I troubleshoot why my master panel no longer has the “charging when lit” indicator lit up?

  5. Luis Davila

    What type of ground is best for parking my 5th wheel. Dirt, concert or on wood.

  6. Gerald

    i pluged into 220

  7. John Carnegie

    Cure for squeeking floor

  8. Ed Parks

    How do you hook up your line coming from a portable satellite with your existing local antenna?

  9. Guadalupe jr

    Fuel guage on dash not working needle sits to the right

  10. Russell Boatright

    We have just purchased a 2005 33’ coach. When we were checking it out, the leveling jacks worked, however when we tried to use them at a campsite they would not come down. The “store” light keeps flashing. We have tri d setting parking brake, key as acc, motor not running, on indicator does not come on. Store light flashes.