8 Boondocking Spots You May Not Know About

Boondocking Spots

RV parks and campgrounds can vary quite a bit in price, and those costs can add up quickly if you camp often. Boondocking is camping without hookups. It’s sometimes referred to as camping off the grid, dispersed camping, or dry camping. No water, no electric, and no sewer. Many people enjoy this, as it usually means more space and freedom than staying in an RV park. Some people like to exclusively boondock and do it for long periods of time, while others only do it for quick overnight stays only when necessary. Whatever your preference is, there are lots of free places to boondock. Keep reading to find out where they are!

There are two boondocking memberships that cost an initial fee, but after your membership is purchased, you can boondock at their locations for free.

1. Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is free overnight parking on private property. People who are usually RVers themselves sign up to be hosts. They offer their driveway, land, or property as a place for RVers to spend the night. They only have to offer one-night parking, but many of them allow RVers to stay up to five nights! They aren’t required to provide any type of hookups, but some do.

The yearly cost of $50 easily pays for itself in one to two stays. Many hosts enjoy meeting travelers and swapping stories. It’s a great way to meet some interesting people and save money on stopovers when traveling. People can post reviews of the places they stay, so you know that other RVers have had good experiences at a specific property before making a reservation.

Small winery building

2. Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a collection of over 900 wineries, breweries, farms, and more across North America. After paying $79 for the year, you can stay on these properties for one night at a time for free. There are some really unique Harvest Host locations such as alpaca farms, lavender farms, and air and space museums!

3. BLM Managed Public Land

BLM Managed Public Land offers numerous opportunities for camping under the stars in stunning locations. BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management” and is easier to find in the west. Boondocking is allowed on BLM land for up to 14 days at a time within a 28-consecutive-day period. We’ve experienced some of the most beautiful campsites on BLM land.

RV Parked at a Cracker Barrel

4. Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel restaurants sometimes offer RV parking in the back lot. What’s better than a warm country meal at the end of a long travel day?!

5. Casinos

Casinos almost always allow overnight parking and sometimes longer. Some casinos have sections of their parking lots designated for RV parking and even offer trash cans and portable bathrooms. They also have been known to gift RVers vouchers for gambling or food just for staying on their property!

6. Truck Stops and Rest Areas

Truck stops and rest areas often welcome overnight RV stays, but be sure to park in designated RV spaces and not in trucker spots.

7. Cabela’s

Cabela’s often has dedicated (free) RV parking spaces for overnighters. Some even have water and dump stations!

RV Parked at a Walmart

8. Walmart

Walmart is probably the most well-known option for a quick overnight parking option. You can get your grocery shopping done and rest your eyes for free for the night!

Where can you find these free spots? Campendium is my favorite website/app for finding places to boondock. It is important to note that you should always call ahead before showing up to ensure that overnight camping is allowed. Where have you camped for free that isn’t on this list?

Need some more boondocking information? Check out our article How To Conserve 12-Volt Power When Boondocking to understand the function of your batteries, and find ways to extend their charge. We also have this free video about Running 12-Volt Appliances on Generator While Boondocking:

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About the Author: Lauren is a wife, mother of two, photographer, blogger, and lover of nature and adventure! Currently traveling around the US in a fifth wheel, Lauren and her family seek to live life to the fullest and continue to look for ways to simplify their lives in order to live larger with less. Follow along on their journey by visiting their family travel blog.


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36 Responses to “8 Boondocking Spots You May Not Know About”

  1. Jean

    I actually have someone who is part of the Boondockers. I never could figure out what they were doing. That is how I found out about boondocking

  2. trina walker

    walmart in Albany do not let you stay there overnight, i came back and my RV was gone it cost me one thousand dollars. and i wasn’t there overnight. plan to take him to small claims court

  3. Peter schuyler


  4. linda

    ps everyone needs to pick up and leave as clean or cleaner as upon arrival. some walmarts have stopped overnights due to junk left behind. saw 3 rv form a circle and have a camp fire. hum??

  5. linda

    we have used closed weigh stations

  6. Gary Miller

    Walmart sells a road atlas with info on all Walmart and Sams Club locations. I will call and ask if they allow RV parking and if they are open 24 hours. If they are open, they will usually have security and leave parking lot lights on.

  7. William Watson

    Walmart in Asheville NC do not allow overnight parking. I was told by security that someone in past dumped their tank in parking lot & they discontinued that option.

  8. Janice Bowen

    We stopped at a Connecticut rest stop and it had a designated area for RV’s. I do not know if all Connecticut rest stops have those or not but it was very nice and safe.

  9. Ginger

    I have been traveling alone for the last 3 weeks in a Honda odyssey, from Florida to S Dakota, Rocky Mountains and now in Georgia. The first night I stopped at a Cracker Barrel, had a nice dinner then asked about staying overnight. Always ask first. Never assume that other people are there so it must be okay, Stayed that night with no problems at all. After that I stayed at other Cracker Barrel’s, Walmarts, Pilot Truck Travel Centers, Loves Travel Centers, interstate rest areas and even a couple hotel parking lots, No problems at all. I stayed in a couple paid reserved campgrounds and dealt with children and pets not always behaving themselves. Boondocking was much more relaxing! I have foam insulation board cut to fit my windows to provide even temps and provide privacy. I choose not to need refrigeration but I do have a camp toilet and rechargeable fan on board. My biggest suggestion is don’t carry too much stuff! Most free camping will be along interstate highways. Don’t let fear stop you from seeing this awesome country of ours!

  10. Ann Oehmke

    First time 92 year old boondocking suggestions. For Volvo Wagon ?