Reduce the startup amp draw of your RV A/C by over 70% with our partner SoftStart RV!

The hot season is here, and we have a solution to keep your RV’s power system cool as the temperatures climb!

Start Your Compressor Smoothly:

During initial startup, your RV roof air conditioner compressor can spike to over 52 amps which could overload a traditional 30-amp circuit and cause the breaker to trip.

With SoftStart RV technology you can reduce the initial amp draw by over 70% which means you can run two roof air conditioners on a 30-amp circuit or even one roof air on a residential 20-amp circuit.

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53 Responses to “Reduce the startup amp draw of your RV A/C by over 70% with our partner SoftStart RV!”

  1. Richard


  2. Michael Morgan

    Yes, I have 2005 alfa see ya and 2 heat pumps or AC units, can the soft serve be applied to this kind of AC unit. It sits on the bottom back side of the motorhome. But, I do not see any place to be able to work on it, because the radiator is exposed to the outside. Can so the soft start work for this unit ? And how would I service it anyway with the radiator in my way thanks, mike

  3. Ronald S Chapman

    I was told that adding this device will void the warranty is that correct

  4. Crosby Toland

    Find out more about softstart

  5. Tim Gifford

    Need install for Grand Design Reflection 289RS

  6. Alan Macfarlan

    I would love to get one!

  7. Alan Macfarlan

    What will this cost me and how do I get it.

  8. Carol Mccleary

    Cost of unit for a 2008 Thor Jazz 5 th wheel

  9. Michael Flinn

    I have a Genesis Supreme 40CRXL with three A/C units. Will this device work for my toy hauler?

  10. Teressa Smithhart

    1993 Winnebago Adventurer. Will this work on my Rv? Is roof install the only option? Does this work with any type generator? What is the lowest watt generator it can be used with? Thank you