RVRC LIVE! July 2018

Did you miss this month’s RVRC LIVE? Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers questions submitted by viewers in this LIVE Q&A.

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44 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! July 2018”



  2. isomanjr66

    Just watching.

  3. Roy silvers


  4. Stephanie Cochran

    We recently purchased a Coleman light 2018 2605. We had it out a couple weeks ago and temperatures were in the 90’s. We were unable to get camper comfortable. We are discussing moving the 13,500 btu ac unit to the back and adding a new 15000 to living area. Our camper is set up for 50 amp but not all sites have 50 amp available. Will the upgrade be worth the cost?

  5. jim MacDiarmid

    Where can I take my motorhome to get it re-painted? It's a 2009 Pace Arrow Vision

  6. Nelson

    Generic question: Portable propane tank (20-25lb) appears full but no gas will come out. Might it be overfilled? I've been told such a problem might be due to a stuck float valve inside -- and that it just needs to be "shaken loose" Not something I'm comfortable with trying...

  7. David ETTER

    Look for info about a presidential model

  8. Clayton Caessens

    I did send the make model above, the Fleetwood Discovery 37V and there is little room on the top of the big slide. How do you get to the seals to replace. They are a bulb type, white

  9. Joe

    What is the best way to hook up 4 TV sets to Satellite. We have had nothing but issue after issue. No Reception, wrong satellites, only one tv works at a time, etc etc

  10. Robert Resneder

    Had to have my interior removed from the driver side to replace window that was broken out on the highway. Alter repair and a number of trips to the repair shop still have some strange problems the biggie is the house batteries not charging while attached to land electrical, have found loose wires, parts under the cabinets, screws out of frig and micro mounts. The display panel will show batteries fully charged while they are very low on voltage, sometimes the coach will charge while traveling but not always.