RV Money Saving Secrets: 5 Cost Effective Storage Solutions for Your RV Kitchen

Welcome to RV Repair Club’s 7 Days of money Saving Secrets! As RVers, we’re always looking for smart ways to save money while on the road! Lauren Grijalva, a full time RVer and RV Repair Club contributor, is sharing some of her best money saving secrets just in time for the busy summer season. Today we are talking about cost effective storage solutions for the kitchen! Read below to find out what Lauren recommends.

5 Cost Effective Storage Solutions for Your RV Kitchen

I’m excited to share five simple and inexpensive items we purchased that made a large impact and made living in the RV easier, more organized and much more pleasant!

Spice Rack Storage

1. Spice Rack Spice Gripper

I really enjoy cooking, but cooking in a tiny kitchen has its challenges. I was keeping all of my spices in a storage bin, high up in a tall cabinet. The bin was overflowing, it was hard to reach, and it was a big pain to get down and put back away. I started researching alternative methods for storing spices and found some really practical spice holders.

They have a sticky back if you want to stick them on something, and they also come with tiny screws and screw holes so you can attach them a little better if needed. I chose to use the stickers AND screws. (We travel a lot and with all the bouncing and bumping our RV does, I wanted to extra assurance these guys were staying PUT!)

They come in strips of four, but only three fit inside my cabinet doors, so I was able to easily snap off the fourth one in order to make them work for my space, which was nice. 36 come in a pack, which is great, since I have so many spices! Now my spices are much more accessible, and this one change alone makes cooking in a tiny kitchen more enjoyable!

RV Storage Solutions - Utensil Holders

2. Utensil Holders

Our RV kitchen only has one real drawer, and that means a lot of random things get stuck in that drawer! I sectioned it off with plastic caddies to be more organized, but it was still a pain to get to the things we use on a regular basis, like silverware! Ikea makes some really great buckets that can mount on a wall with a metal rod, and we found an empty wall space that was the perfect spot to mount it.

Three buckets fit nicely on the 22.5” rod, so we use one for silverware, one for kitchen devices we use regularly (scissors, can opener, etc.) and to make it look a little nicer, we put a cute succulent in the middle bucket! The buckets and the hardware come in multiple colors/finishes, so you can customize the look to fit your taste. There are also different sized rods, which allows you to pick the size that best fits your needs.

RV Kitchen Organizer

3. Door Mount Kitchen Wrap Organizer

Since we only have one drawer, boxes of things like baggies, cling wrap and foil were just tossed under the kitchen sink. This became frustrating, because sometimes I would toss a little too hard and those boxes would end up in the very back of the cabinet and get buried under other things and be super difficult to find when I need them! In my search for a better solution for them, I found an organizer that mounts to the inside of a cabinet. This was a perfect solution! Now, all I have to do is open the bottom cabinet under the sink, and VOILA! There are my baggies, wraps and foils!

Wall Mount Storage Basket

4. Wall Mount Storage Basket

Since counter space is scare in an RV, I wanted to eliminate random things that I would find lying around that didn’t need to be on the counter. The outlet at the end of the island seems to be the popular spot for charging phones and devices, which means those devices are cluttering up the counter space while charging! I need every inch of counter space when I’m trying to cook a meal. Worrying about spilling something on an expensive device that was laying around was an issue I wanted to find a solution for.

I found a wall mountable wire storage basket that fit the bill of what I was looking for. I attached it to the end of the island, so that when a device is charging, it can be placed in the basket instead of on the counter. It’s also a great place to store chargers or remotes. Since it’s wire, it’s easy to see what is inside, so the smaller items we used to misplace all the time have a home and are easy to find!

5. Cabinet Shelf Racks

Most of our RV cabinets are not very deep but are pretty tall. I realized we weren’t making the most of our cabinet space and could do better with the space we did have. By adding shelf racks to every cabinet in our kitchen, we basically doubled our usable cabinet space! You can find these racks almost anywhere. Walmart, Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond… I’ve even seen them at The Dollar Tree before for A DOLLAR!!! You can’t beat that!

Adding these simple, inexpensive storage solutions in our RV kitchen has made cooking, baking and just LIVING in our RV much more enjoyable! I hope you will try some of them out if you’re having similar frustrations in your tiny kitchen!

About the Author: Lauren is a wife, mother of two, photographer, blogger and lover of nature and adventure! Currently traveling around the U.S. in a fifth wheel, Lauren and her family seek to live life to the fullest and continue to look for ways to simplify their lives in order to live larger with less. Follow along on their journey by visiting their family travel blog.

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    How to put shelving into pantry and clothing closet.

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    The more you have (space) the more you need (stuff). We went from a 35’ 5th wheel to a 27’ travel trailer! Of course we also went to not having grandchildren traveling with us. College and work. Miss them a lot!