Pre-Trip Checklist for Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

RV Pre-Trip Checklist

Are you about to head out on a big trip in your RV? There are a couple things you should check first.

Before hitting the road, always take the time to perform a walk-around inside and outside of your rig to make sure everything is disconnected, put away, and stowed properly. Forgetting simple tasks like cranking down the roof antenna, bringing in the entrance steps, or disconnecting water, sewer, or electrical connections can be embarrassing and can cause big damage to your RV.

We’ve compiled an RV pre-trip checklist for both travel trailers and motorhomes that you can print off and store in your rig as an easy reference guide for the next time you’re getting ready or tearing down. Make sure to personalize for your own rig!

Download your free pre-trip checklist here.


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115 Responses to “Pre-Trip Checklist for Motorhomes and Travel Trailers”

  1. William Trujillo

    I will use your checklist as a template . Thanks !

  2. Greg

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the pdf of the pre-trip checklist. Thank you

  3. Jani

    I'm already a member of the RVRepair Club and getting the weekly newsletters. I am interested in the "free download" of the Pre-trip checklist but when I click the link in my email (or while logged in), it's wanting me to supply me email and whatever to get the "newsletters." I don't want to join twice. how do I get to this if I'm already a member?

  4. Brian Doerner

    Just want a pre trip checklist. I am having a tough time Turing on the water heater

  5. ROBIN

    I'm already a member, and I'm logged in. Why do I have to submit an email address and sign up for a newsletter I already get to look at the checklist?

  6. Corina Ferreyra

    Pre-trip checklist

  7. Steven Peterson

    pre-trip checklist and maintenance before and during long road trip

  8. Marilyn

    Checklist for dry docking AND hook up stays?

  9. George Hageman

    pre trip inspection check off list

  10. Clifford Payton

    What is the best Vehicle to be Toad. I have a Ford Fusion Hybird that I want to tow 4 wheels on ground. Any ideas where I can get info on it.