RV Repair Club Pays Tribute To Gary Bunzer “The RV Doctor”

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On Friday, Chuck Woodbury editor of RVTravel.com posted on his site that Gary Bunzer known as “The RV Doctor” had passed away from complications due to COVID-19. Chuck was a friend, colleague, and neighbor of Gary’s and had reported several weeks ago on RVTravel.com that Gary was in ICU in a Seattle hospital in serious but stable condition. So it came as a shock when he posted the news on Friday night.

Gary was a 40 year veteran in the RV Industry as a technician, trainer, educator, author, and inductee into the RV Hall of Fame. His bio is available here.

Almost every company and organization in the RV industry benefited from Gary’s technical expertise through videos, blogs, articles, on site training, seminars, and written handbooks. He helped educate not only RV technicians but also owners, manufactures, and government agencies. Gary was truly a champion for education in the RV industry.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gary’s family and friends.

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25 Responses to “RV Repair Club Pays Tribute To Gary Bunzer “The RV Doctor””

  1. Matthew champagne

    Clearance lights

  2. Dan Poff

    My norcold is turning off after a cycle of cooling it will stay on if you turn it to a lower temperature but when it cools down to that temperature it will turn off. The voltage is good and the propane is ok I replaced the main board and still shuts off.

  3. Michelle Pestana

    Is there a website to replace small parts for my RV - such as a hinge for the dinette table and drawer guides for large drawers?

  4. Bill

    I am considering purchasing this 1967 Airstream. I only have pictures of the exterior. Exterior pics look good. It'll need a buffing job to brink back the shine. It will for sure be a remodel. The owner is asking $ 8,000. I know very little about RV's in general. With this limited info, can you offer any input? I can send pics if you want.

  5. Chris

    Melted compartment and wiring due to no heat shield between exhaust pipe and compartment. Is it safe to drive until parts come in?

  6. Jaime o Frausto

    the cruise control and horn does not work

  7. Stacey W Adleson

    I can't find replacement glass for the moveable lower glass panel on the slider door closest to the slider door handle. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  8. James Pamula

    I need to find a elect motor for my drivers side window

  9. Paul Smith

    Need help with trouble shooting our back-up camera. I is dead...nothing, no lights, static, anything

  10. Fran White

    Front leveling jacks will not extend, i hear the pump kick on but not extending the front jacks, reservoir is full. loud banging noise underneath floor board of drivers side everytime i go over the smallest bump sounds like something is loose or a broken strut which we checked already and is in good condition any suggestions