RV Repair Club Virtual Panel Series

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Welcome to the RV Repair Club Virtual Panel Series, where RV Experts share their lifestyle, experience, and advice. Join our panelists Dustin Schroeder of Fulltime Families, Erin and Travis of Our Lively Tribe, and Joel Holland of Harvest Hosts as they discuss their best RV tips and tricks.

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We also teamed up with our panelists to bring you a free activity sheet bundle to bring on your next road trip. The bundle includes an RV cookbook, camping meal planning sheets, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, RV camping guide and tips for your RV. Make sure to download your copy!

Meet Your Panelists

Dustin Schroeder, Erin and Travis, and Joel Holland discuss how and why they started RVing, the best part about living the RV life, and the biggest challenge they’ve had to make.

Tips for Buying an RV

The panelists provide advice for buying a new or used RV and discuss RV buying mistakes to avoid. They also share their personal RV buying experience and the research they did before making the purchase.

Family Activities and Entertainment Ideas for Your Next RV Trip

The panelists share their favorite activities to do while RVing to keep their families entertained. They also share ideas for rainy day activities inside the RV, ways to stay connected to the internet while on the road, and advice for successful RV cooking and meal planning.

Making Your RV a Home and a Business

The panelists discuss ways to make your RV feel like a home, decorating ideas and interior upgrades to personalize your RV. They also provide advice for running a business on the road, networking, and affording the RV lifestyle.

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Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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43 Responses to “RV Repair Club Virtual Panel Series”

  1. plastic injection molding jobs near me

    Despite thе manufacturing tɑking plɑce in China, tһe delivery timeline was impressive.

  2. Barry Moore

    Small tear on vinyl cover above slide out, exposing roof of slide out Best repair tip?


    cold water valve on water tank has dripping leak.

  4. Robert DeRosa

    My awning light does not stay on! When you put it on .It goes off? Bob.

  5. MARK

    Firefly system not displaying levels in gray and black water tanks. Sensors seem to have good output. It is the G12 wiring design (I and attach a copy if needed). Seems like it is either signal in is to wrong channel, channel is getting sign in but no ground, software has specified wrong terminals as input or zero to full scale for the channel is wrong as in perhaps 0-10mV in but signal is 0 to 100mV?

  6. MARK

    Bathroom sink drains very slowly, It is the fold down sort. I suspect that there is a kink in the drain line hose. Anyone having the same problem. Fix? Remove wall panel and put coil reinforced line in?

  7. Samantha Duncan

    How ro repair wall parting from floor

  8. Ana Fernandez

    We are new to the RV world, and we're naive when we bought our used Class C. Unfortunately the previous owner did not disclose problems with the roof, including leaks and did a good job of covering these up when we inspected the rig. Although we hired a contractor who's taken nearly 8 months to update the RV, including fixing the leaks, we've discovered new smaller leaks in the area where he ran some wires. The contractor poured sine Marine roof product that supposedly would last 20 years. However, we believe because he ran wires inside one of the cabinets (new leaks) he disturbed something. What is the best product to use to coat the roof that is long lasting. We don't have the budget to replace the roof. Could use help.

  9. Robert Bigelow

    Not sure on the water heater model, I need to know how to completely drain it. Our last outing, the hot water was cloudy and had a nasty odor. I was advised to drain it, fill with a couple gallons of vinegar wait a couple hours and rinse. Ok, but how do I drain it?

  10. Dave Gleisner

    My shower drain pipe shifted shifted slightly to the side of the shower drain and water drips on the ground outside. I can push them back in alignment and the dripping stops. There is a rubber gasket between the bottom of the drain and the top of the drain pipe and the fitting is fairly snug but it doesn't seem like a permanent solution. Do I need to do something more?