RVRC GOLD: All About Refrigerators

Learn all about your RV’s refrigerator in this RVRC GOLD LIVE class with Dave Solberg.


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61 Responses to “RVRC GOLD: All About Refrigerators”

  1. Sutton Thomas

    Cooling units

  2. jennysally1219

    Voracious appetite for learning. New to RV ownership, particularly a Toy Hauler

  3. Dennis Gee

    Refrigerator does not work on electric but does work on gas. Flashing lights on panel indicate a bad heater element. what can be done to fix this problem.

  4. pezimmer

    Should I use propane while traveling

  5. pezimmer

    Great RV

  6. mungerd69

    nice video except audio is broken up some time

  7. byarddragon

    My Nor Cold refrigerator is just barely cool. Repair person recommended replacing with a home/apt under counter refrigerator. He said if not opened refrigerator & freezer would stay cold 8-10 hours without Elect. After Nor Cold removed he said to close up the rear 2 vents to out side. Is this all correct?

  8. Bruce Klassen

    (2014 Winnebago View 24J) Whenever I plug into a GFCI protected power source, the breaker or outlet trips. Otherwise, all systems seem to work just fine and all my outlets show proper polarity, If I lift all the neutrals off the neutral buss bar and turn on each circuit breaker one at a time, only the refrigerator circuit trips the GFCI at the source. Fridge supply outlet and AC heating element tests fine. I'm at a loss. Any suggestions. Thanks so much!

  9. Lee Mulberry


  10. harolddennis

    every so often the propane won't ingnite, if I disconnect and reconnect the groud wire to igniter it will work for a while then stop again