RVRC LIVE! April 2018

Did you miss this month’s RVRC LIVE? Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers questions submitted by viewers in this LIVE Q&A.

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50 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! April 2018”

  1. Joe Portillo

    Wideouts move in will not slide out. All other hydraulics work . Levelers ok. Clicking noise on valve there's three one on left. pump activates going in not out.

  2. William

    For help to avoid pyramiding in a black tank or TP hangup put some ice cubes in your tank before traveling each day or two. Be sure to have some water in the tank. The ice will help break up matter and melt away as it does so. DO NOT use an excessive amount of ice.

  3. gene

    Shower wall came loose from wall. How to repair

  4. Steve Varadi

    You told inverted ABOVE 2000W take care of better the battery (i.e. antisulfation). So my inverter only 1500W, but I see THREE stage charging: full 14.4 V keep charge all the time 13.5V So avoid sulfation definetly needs SIXTEEN V?? 14.4V not enough?

  5. Joe O'Neil

    Curb side propane feed to a Coleman Roadtrip LX grill, can not get gas feed. is something needed (different regulator?) to use the curb side propane instead of the bottled propane?

  6. Kevin

    I have two lead acid Group 24 deep cycle batteries, can I replace with two same size lithium batteries and use the existing inverter, converter and controller? Any other changes required?

  7. jeff Milbauer

    I am new to RVing and the issue we have found that if we just run a little bit of water through a faucet or the toilet. The water pump with come on but not shut off it will just have a low pitch hum. we then need to turn the water on high till the water pump revs up then shut the water off the pump will ramp up then shut off. What would cause the water pump to run at a low pitch hum with a small amount of water run through it.

  8. Vicki

    When we are plugged into cable TV at an RV park, our bedroom TV works fine and gets all channels but out front TV sometimes gets all channels and other times does not. Any ideas why this would be?

  9. Mark barnett

    We continually have to delight the hot water heater, even in the same day. What can be wrong?

  10. Mike Thompson

    can you give recommendation for at slide out topper awning. The measurements (flange to flange) is 147 inches.