RVRC LIVE! August 2018

Check out the recap of our monthly RVRC LIVE with managing editor of RV Repair Club Dave Solberg. Dave answers your RV repair questions live on the air in this interactive and informative Q&A.

Feel free to submit questions live during the broadcast by writing in the comment box below! Please include the make, model, and year of your RV with your question.

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Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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35 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! August 2018”

  1. Ron

    Like your videos

  2. Johnny Higginbotham

    It has set for 2 years ref. Doesn’t work slideout only works manual

  3. RD

    What is the best tape or way to repair a rip in a Awning, that is right up by the top of the awning or when the awning is out its at the top end..

  4. Billy R. Wilson

    How about some training on pull behinds.

  5. Debby Christofferson

    Having trouble with a cargo door staying closed while driving

  6. Jerry Houston 4

    Don't get fresh water from inlet to faucet went hook to water source

  7. Marven

    Should you keep tire pressure at the maximum rating of the tire?

  8. john.hudson

    I have two A/C units on a RV Comfort thermostat. They both start and run, but unit 2 shuts off shortly after and will not restart. If I turn off everything and reset the thermostat the cycle will start over and unit 2 shuts off again. Any suggestions?

  9. Gary

    I recently heard about a battery minder. What is it and is it something worth buying.

  10. Phil

    Our power steering started making groaning sounds. Check fluid leven and it was a bit low. Topped up and although groany is less still present. Where is power steering pump?