RVRC LIVE! January 2018

Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, hosted the first ever RVRC LIVE. Dave addressed several questions live during this interactive Q&A session. Stay tuned for updates on the next event.

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34 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! January 2018”

  1. Carole

    Is there a way to prepare a video for first time RV OWNERS demonstrating RV 101 and purchasing a used RV? ie, what are the initial inspection items and how to do it as basic as connecting the RV to power and sewer and recommended initial maintenance like cleaning tanks. This thing was sitting for a very long time with all tanks full.

  2. Ron Smith

    Levelers that came with rv don't seem to work very well... by that i mean several times it complely raises rear and or front wheels off ground while still not showing level. It would be level with less of certain ones. Another thing is one of the levelers will go down then when other side goes down, the first one retracks leaving the second level holding the rearend up by one level. Thoughts!??

  3. Larry Cooper

    Removal of drivers side window, no screws at bottom

  4. Linda

    Can I add one to my RV

  5. Randall swihart

    When we travel down the road, our fridge heats up it is running the hole time gas or electric does not matter. It goes from 31 deg 50+ deg I’m under 49 mikes. When we arrive at destination it starts to cool down. We are sitting still it works like a charm.

  6. Richard Skaff

    I have a refrigerator with a freezer using electricity or propane that a service company said worked when they tested it. When I try, I can't get it to work! Suggestions?

  7. Patrick Krautkremer

    Dave, what portable air compressor do you suggest? Viair is great, but a bit pricey! How often do you need to air up tires? SAMS has a Stanley Fatmax 1000A peak battery amp w/jump starter, 100psi, 4 usb ports, for $70. Just started camping last July, 10 nights in 2017; big 3 week trip planned this year for 2 weeks, besides the normal 2-3 weekends/month. Expensive one or inexpensive? Thanks Pat

  8. stephen s gray

    i was not able to view the discussion, it only buffered

  9. Steve Hall

    I’m getting mostly yellow flame and a lot of soot from me water heater. I’ve adjusted the air intake tube both ways and still yellow flame. Any ideas?

  10. David

    I'm searching for a 146-0663 Carburetor for this Generator.