RVRC LIVE! March 2018

Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers RV repair questions in this LIVE Q&A. Check out the recap!

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35 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! March 2018”

  1. Gwise

    I would like to know what fuse or relay controls running lights and dash lights and where it is located at.

  2. lewisjim50

    What is the best way to protect the ice maker and supply line from freezing? Air or anti freeze or both??

  3. gregbeardall

    Looking for driver side power window parts for F53 as well as jalousied window crank components.....

  4. Clary Rode

    The outdoor blower motor squeaks. How do I grease or replace it? Please don't tell me to take it to a repair shop, I'm in an area where there aren't any.

  5. Randy

    If double glazed windows always fail then why not replace them with single pane and use a different size rubber trim as they are going to fog again and are very expensive.

  6. richard

    Bought a giandel 2000w inverter has two 2 ft cables to hook up to an alternative battery I want to connect to my 12 v side of rv power box instructions please

  7. Tom

    We have a roof leak when the temperature goes above 75 degrees. Water comes out a front roof speaker. RV repair shop used flex-seal spray on the entire roof. What are your thoughts on this repair technique?

  8. Richard C Smith

    My Bad, I should have said I am getting 109 volts for my 120 v system - not 209 volts :0/

  9. Lori Meister

    I have a f150 eco boost looking for a 5th wheel what do you recommend for a fisth wheel which company makes the one with least problems

  10. Tim

    The roof leaked a lot before I bought this used motorhome. the plywood roof has dry rot and the fabric material has fallen down in the cab. Is there some kind of repair agent that will seal the plywood as is and allow me to apply some kind of fabric material over it so it looks decent.